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I've been HIV positive for almost 30 years my cd4 count remains around 800 to 900 and of course undetectable. I am 48 years old 5 foot 4 inches tall by fluctuate with way anywhere between 1:12 and 1:16 I am extra paranoid on gaining weight therefore I have been abusing laxatives another over the counter stuff to lose weight. any comments on how to try to get myself back to normal

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Nice one for being so open Mr. I didn't understand the "fluctuate with way anywhere between 1:12 and 1:16" bit but if you titled you post psychological maybe theres something in the reason for abusing the laxatives and other things. If you didn't focus on them would you focus on something else? Have you ever got help just generally with psychological issues or talked about them before? Being positive so long how I wonder how it has been for you over the years? You look quite thin on your profile so how about getting into yoga to make the body strong and flexible. Its possible to get addicted to doing yoga but the side effect would be less paranoia and more calm.


You are so nice Dan! I put on nearly 10kg in the last year having always been 49kg. It's been good for me, meds can alter your physique which is why so many Poz guys hit the gym I guess. I think I'll be looking into some cardio type toning classes soon! James I think you look really handsome, if you don't like your body type try hitting the gym or something similar - cycling?


True that body changes happen. I call my belly a Chi holder (like buddha has). I kinda had it before I got HIV though. Does anyone know the meds that are more prone to body shape changing?

James you are handsome and as the moderator has said on here there may be a sister forum for relationships and getting to know folk. As an honest and open chap you will have plenty of love your way.....

Im keen that you don't disrupt your natural digestion though James or affect the absorption of you meds so if you remember it's worth asking next time your in clinic about laxatives. Im sure you have enough meds to take already without being reliant on laxatives as well.

Chris, ta.


James, trying to gain weight can be difficult with HIV. Myself, I hold my weight at about 148-150 lbs. or about 75kg. I do this by eating only fresh foods. The fresher the better. I'm concerned with your use of laxatives during regimen. You may be flushing your meds out of your system, before they're fully absorbed. Do you take your meds right after a meal?

I've been HIV+ for almost 30 yrs. I always take meds at a set time everyday. Meds work most efficient when taken with a meal of at least 500 calories. The natural fats in food break down PI's faster for better absorption.

Personally, I would stop laxatives and let your body do the real work.

Just my opinion.


First of all begin by informing yourself as to what a healthy weight is for someone who is HIV+. You are at risk for developing certain cancers and what most cancer patients succumb to is starvation, not their oncological pathology, so carrying a few extra pounds (or stone) could actually save your life. If you pay heed to the latest research on men, an extra 15 to 20 lbs is much healthier than a 1-4%BMI and guys with that extra weight tend to have more sexual stamina, therefore make better lovers and get more dates. Beyond that, if you find yourself obsessing on your own weight, start volunteering for a World Hunger charity to remind yourself how truly blessed you are.

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Hi James,

I agree with above replys, that there appears to be an underlying anxiety thats coming out. You have done amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 30 yrs H.I.V is an amazing acheivment and I bet you have been through and seen so very much. (((((((massive hug mate))))))))))) When I was younger I abused laxatives, for me it was about control and lots of things in my life being out of my control. I have thearpy now so I am really getting to know myself. I am also learning to love myself. You know that song?... "because the greatest....."

Hang on in there hun and keep reaching out, just like you are doing. Msg me if you want. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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