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Hello everyone.hope you are all doing fine.sorry for what am about to ask .is this group for gay men only only I have seen quite a number of posts guys looking for love from other guys not that it bothers me I just want to be on the right site as I'm looking for friends and love too (am a straight women) so hoping to meet straight men .sorry didn't know how to say it I hope I have not offended anyone .thank you

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This sight isn't just for gay men, though I have a feeling more gay men use the sight than straight men.


Hi Kimmy,

I can see why you ask, but the short answer is very much no, it is not a site for gay men only.

The site is here for anyone living with HIV as a port-of-call for support and advice.

When I set up the site with the HealthUnlocked team I wanted to take a very hands off approach and see how the community developed organically.

The number of people who have expressed an interest in connecting with others on a one-to-one level is, given the circumstances, natural. However the proportion of posts with a romantic theme has been a little unexpected.

To accommodate this I am working on a new site for our members to bring together those who would like to meet other people living with HIV either romantically or socially, there are just as many requests to meet just for a chat without any romantic connotations.

It will take me some time to build the site but I am working on it as much as I can when I have the time.

I have just created a new topic in the right hand block called "Connecting & Dating", if folks could get into the habit of posting their dating messages under that topic it might help to keep things separate.

Please can everyone add their gender and country to their profiles. It helps to answer questions if we know these two points about you as treatment options differ around the world and things can be a little different between men and women.

I hope this helps.

Kind Regards,



Thank you Paul


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