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Lonely in Belfast

Hi guys & gals ,

Lonely hiv poz guy here looking mates & dates & hopefully live with a fellow poz guy . Undectable 5 years good looking guy here , work full time , own car , own house , just finding it hard to find love as soon as u mention h I v guys run :( please help been single 5 years since diagnosis , think I'm due a change in luck.


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Hey Adam I'm in Ireland 🇮🇪 I hope you don't mind to connect I'm Krystal by the way ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Hi Krystal Thankyou for your reply how are you ? What part of Ireland you from ?



Hey I'm from Dublin


Hi Adam

I'm not in Ireland (in Brighton) but always happy to make new friends! Sometimes a new perspective pays dividends lol.

Pos over 30 years now and still not 50, but full of life and not letting this HIV crap get me down. Been through all the doubts, upset, death, poor health, stigma. Always available as an 'ear' and have maintained a mantra of helping others, helps me too.

If you want someone to become a real mate - then get in touch...



30years! That's an inspiration to me!! I'm 3 years in and life is finally settling down nicely (ps love Brighton!!!)


Why thank you kind sir.

33 years in October, to be precise.

Fortunately we are now in a better place than in the 1980s. Part of my vocalising now, as an elder statesman of HIV, is to remind and encourage those new or just a few years into the journey to remember - once youre on your meds stick to them, unsafe sex is still as dangerously stupid if you're pos, there will be bad days and hideous days. The 'scene' is still as judgemental on the subject as it was in 1985 - I am surprised by the number of young gay men who are shocked that,in 2017, people still recoil on mentioning their status yet will happily go BB with a stranger.

The HIV doesnt define you and its no longer an obstacle to making plans for a future.

BE BRAVE, BE BOLD, BE BEAUTIFUL and most of all try and laugh out loud each day (even the ropey ones) with people to whom 'positive' means... constructive, optimistic, or confident!



Totally agree with you, my Brighton days were in the late 80s and early 90s, lost 2 friends and I still remember the fear... I'm so grateful for my meds.

I, like you, are amazed at the younger generation who seem to stigmatise hiv, yet believe a guy to be neg because he said so on Grindr - Even though he was (or so he says) tested 6mths ago!!! Education is the key- though I actually think we were more aware 30yrs ago!


All true comments if I say to a guy I'm clear he will. B with me if I say I'm poz us he runs it's a joke lol guys so stupid and trusting , btw I love Brighton fav place to live ever x


Brighton is beautiful!! As are we all!!

Have fun guys! X

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If they aren't interested it's their loss! If they are happy to live like that - then let them. But always and I do mean always take them under your wing should they come back, maybe years later, with the opening of '...Ive just been for my results and....' Then they will realise the importance of your honesty. And whist you are flourishing, they will be considering that it might have been less risky having sex with someone who is, rather than someone who just says they arent!



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