HIV Partners

Hi new on here from from Holmfirth in uk HIV + for 2 years

Hi was diagnosed after my long term partner cheated behind my back . I was very angry and ashamed I had trusted him and felt foolish . I went on medication 6 months ago and am now undetectable and wish I had gone on it sooner . The more comfortable I am being HIV the more I open up and tell people . I recently opened up on face book and told my fb friends . I got a lot of support . I believe if more people talk openly about it the stigma will go away . We have all done this before when we came out and became open about our sexuality . I have noticed there is more stigma between gay men than heterosexual people . I find this shocking to say the leased

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hey there im dave I live in rastrick not far from you really im finding myself in same boat new to here too im on meds and im undetectable too ive told family and a select few like you say stigma I think im not ready for folks judge me yet coz they do and the with drawal from you like if they come anywhere near you there gonna catch it. gay people are the worse quick to judge and brand you a lepa still every day is a day rite so any who if you ever feel like chatting or what ever im dave come say hi cheers then


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