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Atrial Ectopic Beats

I`m female, 54 yrs old. My BMI is fine and I try to eat healthy and keep fit as possible. Around 4 years ago I started suffering bouts of very fast heartbeats...180 p.m sometimes lasting for 2 or 3 hours. I was seen by a consultant cardiologist and offered an ablation operation 15 months ago. I`m please to say the ablation worked immediately on the fast beats however pretty soon after the operation I started to suffer from Atrial Ectopic Beats, these have increased over the past year and I`ve been taking Disopyramide as and when needed. 2 week ago the atrial actopis beats started up and have continued all time since then. I was sent into hospital last friday evening because my tablets weren`t having any effect. I had blood tests/blood pressure checks (very low) and put on a monitor overnight. This picked up the weird beats - but it didn`t record them. Late saturday afternoon I was released ...mainly due to the cardio dept being closed for the weekend and was told to up my medication from 2 to 3 tablets a day. These are now holding off the weird stuff but I can`t go any longer than 6 hours between tablets or heart goes bonkers. I`m worried - even though I`m repeatidly told it`s nothing to worry about. Trying to get on with usual day to day life but its always there in the back of my mind. Hoping/waiting to hear from hospital regarding further slow to the point I think theyre ignoring me. Am I over reacting to a minor health issue? Anyone with same/similar? Good to talk to anyone and hear from others before I go bonkers :) x

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Hi, I have been diagnosed with very frequent ectopic beats recently, after having a 24 hour monitor, and some sort of ecg, I am not very fluent with the terminlogy!

I get the rapid and hard heartbeats every day, for at least 12 to 18 hours a day.

They make me feel poorly, and I get chest pain and tightening and feel faint too.

Despite this I have also been told not to worry, as they are harmless, and it is only because I have them so much that I have been prescribed beta blockers.

Even on these, I am still being awakened by the condition.

I feel for you, it is scary, I hope you get to the bottom of this, I do think it would help if we were given more information.

Good luck, Cazx


Hi dear

I have the same case in addition to atrial flutter on and off

Im on beta blocker and trying new medication

Try to relax since stress and worries will make it worse

Im having these beats since I had my open heart surgery in 2000 and trying to keep myself busy and ignore them

I know that it is not life threatening since im on blood thinner

Just I noticed that dehydration make it worse in addition to heavy meals and not having good and regular sleep

Try to ignore them and have plenty of water and have some relaxing methods such as message or any other

Nothing to do more just try to live with it

All the best


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