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Does anyone have this????

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Does anyone else have a off every beat or every other beat? I am 31 and have them horribly. It takes my breath away and my anxiety goes through the roof.

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Hi Nhamp, irregular heartbeats are generally referred to as arrhythmias. Two of the most common causes are a condition called atrial fibrillation and anxiety! So it might be that you are in a vicious circle. You are anxious, so you have an irregular beat so you become more anxious and you have more irregular beats.The only way to discover what's going on is to consult with a doctor and probably, depending on where you are in terms of geography that's probably going to be your family doctor or GP.

Rest assured there is most likely no need for panic about this, but it is important to have it checked out by someone who can give tests and proper reassurance, and follow it up with medication and/or treatment, so please set your mind at rest by having a medical consultation. Take care.

Sounds like you have PVCs of PAC’s … I would just go get seen and have that confirmed …it can be caused by very benign things that are no big deal ( which it is most of the time ) or it can be caused by serious things. I have PVCs .. i’ve had a echocardiogram a few 24 hour monitors .. I had a PVC burden of 13% .. I have gotten it down to 4% with lifestyle changes.. exercise, healthy eating and taking a few supplements on a regular basis such as magnesium, Taurine and L arginine.

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You may be experiencing ectopic beats? any changes in your heart rhythm should always be discussed with your health care provider. Visit our online patient resources for more information on getting to 'Know your Pulse'

I frequently get pvc’s such as this but mine usually run in 3’s or even 4’s. What I mean by this is that every now and then I’ll have 3-4 in a row so it literally feels like my heart is dropping for 3-4 beats in a row and it takes my breath away as well. Yesterday it occurred and I had a moment of anxiety wondering if it would get out of that cycle and go back to normal. This doesn’t occur frequently but when it does, the thought always crosses my mind. I have no other symptoms with it, just a moment of feeling like the wind was slightly knocked out of me. I’ve had all the tests too. The only thing they found was pvc’s (one set of 3 row on the event recorder) and ST depressions less than 1mm upsloping (which the cardiologist says is just my normal). I know the feeling is so anxiety provoking but I have become more used to it and try to stay calm when it occurred reminding myself that I have taken the necessary steps of being evaluated. Have yours checked out for piece of mind and know that many people get them.

You described what I go through to a tea! It's not nice is it but we are told we are normal and on we go!

Yes! I have had skipped beats for over 30 years. I've had all kinds of tests, worn monitors several times! I have always been told they are harmless. Even for the past 7 heart has been skipping every 3rd beat. ( beat..beat..skip...beat..beat..skip) NON stop! 24/7. It drives me crazy even though I'm told not to let them bother or scare me. I can't remember the last time the skips have been so constant and for so long. I had blood work (at my request) to check my thyroid levels. Out of wack thyroid hormones can cause all sorts of heart skips, thuds, racing, etc... Hope this helps.

I'm sorry you go through this - I get the string of them too like you described and couldn't imagine the fresh hell you must be experiencing having them 7 days in a row!

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