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Low heart rate

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Hi, I have had issues over the years here with palpitations.

My resting heart rate can go to as low as 43. I’m 27 year old male and I exercise each week but I’m certainly not an athlete

Should I be worried it’s this low???

It ranges from 43-55

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What medications are you on?Is that rate of 43 during missed beats or palpitations?

I have heartblock with a rate of 45 during normal beats and I'm fine with it.

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Matt93 in reply to Palpman

I’m on not on any medication. I had mri and CT along with stress test a couple years back when I first experienced my palps. Cardiologist seemed to be happy with the structure of my heart. I have palps all the time, missed beats, extra beats etc. I used to be super worried about this but I kind of learned to live with them but ever since my heart rate has gone this low I’m starting to worry again.

I do feel myself palps then I check on my Apple Watch to see what my HR is. Day to day it’s anywhere from 43-55, my partner is 70-80!

Thanks for your reply, buts me at ease a little knowing I’m not the only one with a low RHR. I guess I worry it’s just going to continue to drop and then I do! I know I shouldn’t but when I search the internet when I’m worry everything says 60-100 is normal and anything lower is bradycardia

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Palpman in reply to Matt93

There are many of us here with bradycardia.Do not trust devices for correct readings during ectopics, palps and AFib.

You need to do so manually and add a beat for every missed one.

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Matt93 in reply to Palpman

Great advice thanks. I’ll go back the doctors just to be sure.

Hi Matt93,If you are feeling unwell then I think I would do further investigations and inform myself. A normal heartbeat is between 60 to 100.

I was diagnosed with Bradycardia (sick sinus node) after a long period of deteriorating to levels similar to you describe. I now have a Pacemaker.

Inform yourself as much as you can and talk to your GP about your symptoms, particularly as you are feeling you are experiencing palpitations.


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Matt93 in reply to Mickey16

I feel generally well but I do have episodes of palps most days. I’ve never fainted and everyone always says it’s anxiety.

I guess I’ll go back for another referral to make sure My sinus node is working ok. Thanks for your reply mickey

I'm relatively healthy and my wife is on heart meds for PAF. She has a low resting HR, and I'm much higher like your partner. My wife's GP did think low 40s was enough of a concern to reduce her heart meds which did up her HR slightly.

I have a low resting hr (46 according to my fitbit). I had svt then an ablation so now back to normal. Not on any meds. I've always had a low hr. I was told by my GP and Cardiologist that as long as I felt ok (ie not fainting) then it should be ok. I'd be wary of devices that use light to measure your hr when it is out of the normal range. Try taking manual readings to confirm the figure if you can. Good luck.

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Matt93 in reply to Fazerboy

Thanks for the reply. That offered some reassurance as I do feel generally ok as I’ve never fainted. Good advice, I’ll take it manually when ever I feel my palpitations come on/and or too low and I’ll take it from there

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Dear Matt93 , you may wish to contact our Patient Services Team at Arrhythmia Alliance if you would like any advice or information info@heartrhythmalliance.org

Hi Matt, my resting HR is 38 to 40, four years ago and for many years before that it was often 29 to 30 at rest. Yet put me on a bike and it could reach 200 when riding hard. Four years ago in August I had a tachycardia event for a hour or so when it rose to 90 to 130. Afterwards resting rate was 38 to 40 and has been since. This suits me as I now don't go light headed on getting up from sitting down. I recently had a heart monitor on for a week not heard anything from the hospital about it yet. Though my average for the week was 48 according to the manufacturer. I am 64 now and not on any heart or blood drugs. I would not worry too much.

Next time you have a blood test ask to check electrolyte levels.Hypermagesemia can cause bradycardia and heartblock.

I stopped taking magnesium supplements when I started with low heartbeats and 2:1 hearblock.

If you're not showing any signs of fainting and generally in good health, then your HR is perfect. My HR has historically always been at or around 44 - this is normal for me but not necessarily normal for anyone else.

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