Fainting after eating

I recovered from M.E. about five years ago but ever since then I have been fainting after I eat. I also have unstable blood sugar. I faint at least once every day. My assumption was that the problem was adrenal and so I changed my entire life to do all the things we know about. However still, to keep working I have to have a totally liquid diet and consume every hour or so. The fatigue while working is excruciating and really it's not something I can’t continue even though so little is asked of me. After taking months off work recently it appears that no amount of rest will stop me fainting if I eat anything close to solid food.

After finding this forum I'm wondering now if the problem is cardio/nerve related, more so because of the nature of my fainting. It is very much on off on off. Often after I eat I might faint for a second, a minute later, 5 seconds etc. it might then build up to 30 minutes and then the same thing in reverse happens back down to a second. Drinking with food will guarantee unconsciousness for 5 hours. Drinking a cold drink means 1 hour. I am usually brought around with my heart thumping out my chest.

Has anybody ever heard of anything like this before? I have had all the standard NHS tests done, they have no idea. Having just found this forum I'm now trying to figure out what specialist I should ask my GP for a referral to. I’m guessing a cardiologist would be a first start? I am thankful for any help or direction anyone can give.

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  • Hi there, I am not medical just a retired nurse but I would say Cardiologist and have a heart monitor fitted for at least 24hours, preferably 7days. It could be to do with your vagus nerve which affects both heart and digestive system. Good luck with everything.

  • Hi eddie, your symptoms sound a bit like this lady’s. Have you ever had your heart monitored during your episodes? stars-us.org/case-studies/s...

  • Yes, identical symptoms!!!!

  • I concur with Lauren and Cyril, a 7 day monitor would help to eliminate or confirm whether you have a cardiac condition. I suffer with a similar condition, which debilitates me particularly after eating. I am also investigating whether the Vagus nerve is the culprit although my electrophysiologist is of the opinion that is not the case. I wish you luck and hope that you are able to find a resolution to this awful condition

  • Thank you so much for your posts. I'm a 48 year old male but I still cried like a baby when it hit home that I wasn't alone in this and there may even be a cure. I think I may have been wrestling with this for nearer 25 years in fact when I look back.

  • Next up, heart monitor...

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