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Kardia reader advice


I’m thinking of buying a Kardia reader to check for Afib. Are they easy to use? Would love to hear from anyone who uses one. Thanks.

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Hi, I have the Kardia 6L and it’s easy to pair with your phone and use. My doctor also accepts the readings for a remote consult so it’s pretty accurate.

I’ve found being a guy with slightly hairy knees I’ve needed to shave a small area to ensure good contact the the device.

Hi, thanks for your reply. I take it I’d need a Smartphone to use the Kardia reader (haven’t got one of those yet - but have an iPad, would that work do you think?). I hadn’t heard of a Kardia reader until recently so it’s all new at the moment.

baba in reply to Bedlington14

It should work with your ipad

Not sure about iPad. Do a search in the App Store before buying a Kardia to be sure

Ok, thank you.

Very good way of monitoring afib for your consultant as recorded bouts can be emailed and also an online consultant service as well.

It's also easy to print off results and take them with you when visiting doctor or consultant.

Cutting out caffeine and alcohol can reduce or eliminate afib.

Thank you.

First class and well respected by the medical profession.The 6L is the best.

Many thanks. Good to know so many people give it a vote of confidence.

They are excellent and normally the Dr or Cardiologist will look at them to give you results.

Though,as most of us cannot read them, dont always except what it says ie A/fib etc.The design is only allowed to give 4 possible scenarios ,note possible.Very easy to email results to your or there email and no extra cost. Certainly a particular watch on the market does Not get much respect!

I have a 6L as well. Great tool and both my Cardiologist as well as my EP accept the files for consults. Worth every penny in my opinion.

Thanks for your reply. Good to know the 6L is highly recommended. Take care.

Easy to use I only have the standard model, but works realy well I use with Android phone

It will work with Ipad 100%

Thank you.

Does the Kardia reader tell you if you have Afib while you’re wearing it, or does your Doctor have to tell you? Thanks in advance.

I have a Kardia Mobile and I love it! Very easy to use and I love being able to email readings to my EP!

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