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I’m new here. SVT and a Dancer!


Hi all. I’ve just been diagnosed with SVT and atrial tachycardia. I was trialled on propranolol, which dropped my BP too low and exacerbated my asthma. Then diltiazem 90mg which again dropped the BP too low making me feel really unwell. Then dose reduced to 30mg which was just about tolerable. It didn’t completely eradicate the palpitations so it was suggested to increase the dose to 30mg twice a day. I became very unwell with this increase, my BP dropped scarily low and I felt dreadful. Cardiologist has suggested Flecainide 50mg twice a day. So far I haven’t taken any as I’ve been too scared!! How has anyone else found the Flecainide? What side effects did you get if any? Also I’m a dancer and wondering if anyone else out there manages to carry on dancing perfectly well without any issues? Thank you 😊

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In my opinion Flecainide is one of the most efficient drugs for preventing AF and is taken by myself and a lot of other members. The dose you've been prescribed is quite low, so why not just try it?

You mentioned you have svt, not AF. You’re also an athlete. It would be very worthwhile to discuss your diagnosis with an electrophysiologist. Given your inability to tolerate first line meds and your very active life, ablation may be a very good option for you. I too could not tolerate those meds and am so glad I had an ablation. I’m very active and did not want to be on medication for the rest of my life. It’s an option to consider. In the meantime, try the flecanide. Short term use is very safe and you might find it helps where the other meds did not. Then, you can take your time deciding on a long term solution to your svt 🙂

Hi I’m new on here and have just had results from heart monitor I’m not quite sure if it’s act yet but my cardiologist thinks it is just waiting on echo. Do u know if anyone that has act gets the option of an ablation ? I want my life back 😏

SVT is a general term for many types of arrhythmia, when I was diagnosed with it I started on bisopropolol, gradually increasing in dose as the SVT deteriorated, then the EP put me on Flecainide 50 mg a day. Thought it was a wonder drug for 3 months, then had a SVT attack which morphed into Aflutter, couldn't get up from horizontal position without collapse, in hospital for 6 days, cardioversion eventually got me back in NSR. EP felt sorry for me and put me top of EP study/ablation list.

EP ablated in February and said that I no longer had Aflutter which was caused by the Flecainide (apparently Flecainide causes other arrhythmia, particularly Aflutter in some), but had Multifocal Atrial Tachycardia (MAT) - a type of SVT, which he could not fully ablate and it would be controlled by Meds. Following a very slow recovery from the ablation, I now feel better than I have been for 20 years and just on very low Bisoprolol (1.25) - hope t come off altogether when I see the cardiologist later this month.

For over 20 years I had self converted from SVT (and lateraly I believe occasional Aflutter) attacks, when on Flecainide the Aflutter attack was worst and could not self convert.

I have learned that it is not always easy diagnosing our condition (SVT is a sort of catch all), and that we are all different (many believe Flecainide is a good drug), an EP study will provide the detail required and if possible they will ablate at the same time as the study (there in there anyway). An ablation is not pleasant (its not too bad either) but boy does it make a difference, being able to have an ablation that works is better than winning the lottery.

I had fine results with flecinaide for several years ( until an ablation was necessary ). Didn't affect rigorous, intense exertion a bit. ( basketball with men 35 years younger & backpacking and nights out in national parks. ) In fact, rendered me more able. No side effects.

Not sure what you mean by “act” but ask about ablation. Everyone’s experience is different but it’s nothing to fear. I was terrified of having an ablation but mine was completely pain free and I would not hesitate to have another if I ever needed one. I was much more afraid of lifelong meds, trips to the er and having to give up my active lifestyle. Anxiety can be so overwhelming at times but remember your condition is very treatable - you will be fine! I recommend asking for an EP appointment. If they recommend an EP study, they can do the ablation at the same time. That’s what I did, best decision ever. I take no meds at all now. Just see my cardiologist once a year for a check up. Svt can come back, but ablation has a very high success rate.

I too are on Bisoprolol & Flecainide, only 3 months so early days. I have some sleep issues with Bisoprolol, so cardiologist suggested cutting 2.5 tablet in half and seeing what happens.

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