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Bumps and Thumps felt on Right side


Can someone please advise if bumps/thumps are supposed to be felt in the right middle side of the chest. I do have a history of Ventricular Tachycardia. I am hoping it is not another heart related issue. The nurse said it is nerves and not your heart. I do admit that I have been under much stress of recent but wanted to check in with the community here for similar experiences and what it may be....

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Bumps and thumps can be something or nothing! On their own they maybe veer towards nothing but accompanied by anything like feeling unwell, pallor, dizziness, breathlessness, pain or nausea they become much more suspicious.

When do they occur? Any digestive connection?

Has anyone any comment?

aika in reply to Hidden

Hello Relim, Thank you for your help. They can occur at any time and there does not seem to be a set time of the day. It is felt in the right center side of my chest. I do not know if it is digestive because it has happened before, during, as well as many hours after eating. My AICD had discharged many times from 2017 to half of 2018, which had been a scary experience in itself, and during the period this sensation only progressed more and more. I am glad though that all seems to finally be under better control now, It is still this thump/bump sensation that has not subsided.

Hidden in reply to aika

They sound very tedious. I am sorry that I have no suggestions as to whether sensing them on the right side is of any significance.

I hope you get some useful explanation from someone, either here or from a doctor.

By bumps and thumps do you mean palpitations? When my episodes start it always feels like it’s coming from the centre of my chest. Are you feeling it under the right breast area or in the middle of the breasts?

aika in reply to Kellyjelly

HI Kelly Jelly, It is typically felt in the middle/right sides of my chest. It is an odd sensation that has become more predominant over the past months. Thank you for responding!!!

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