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PVC’s, PAC’s and a leaky valve


I am 26 years old and have just given birth to my second child currently 12 days postpartum. Everything went well and I came home 4 days later when all of a sudden I started getting palpitations big thump feeling in my throat that took my breath away I figured it was from lack of sleep and stress but it continued and got worse as the days went by I ended up going to the hospital where they did an ecg which came back normal, a couple of days went by and they got worse happening lots I went to a different hospital and they did bloods and had me hooked to a monitor. The bloods came back fine and they admitted me to short stay before releasing me and sending me to the hospital I had my daughters at the next day. Then they had me hooked to a monitor for 24hrs and did an echo and lots of ecgs. The echo showed up a “tiny” leak in one of my valves and the monitor showed both PAC’s and PVC’s. The cardiologist says don’t worry and that it may be caused by a UTI (but they aren’t treating the UTI) and to see him end of January for a holter! Which feels like such a long time when I’m getting them everyday! I’m terrified that something is wrong and they have missed it, I know I have terrible health anxiety as doctors have missed things before on me and I ended up in emergency surgery but this worries me more. My father had a triple bypass at the end of last year and then he had a cardiac arrest in front of myself, my husband and our daughter which affected her so badly. I’m worried that it will happen to me and my daughter will be scarred for life especially since we are alone most of the year as my husband is Fly in fly out. I had a full cardiac workup at the start of the year before trying to fall pregnant and everything ce back perfect and the cardiologist said don’t need to see me again. And now all of a sudden I’ve got these types of palpitations and a leaking valve! The monitor only picked up 3 in the 24hrs! But I could feel more (I think they were happening less often as I was confined to a bedroom not at home dashing around doing things) and the cardiologist said as long as there is less than 1% of them in the entire day then I shouldn’t be worried. Now I’m home again they are much worse again jumping like crazy. Not to mention I’ve been googling (I know, I know I shouldn’t) and the leaky heart valve has me worried as well as it says it is a form of heart disease and that it increases my risk of a cardiac arrest. I just want them to be gone so that I can relax and enjoy my family without becoming terrified every time my heart decides to jump. 😕 I don’t want this to keep affecting me negatively, I want to enjoy my life with my family.

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