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Could anyone give advice


I have collapsed a number of times in the last few years. Thankfully a cardiologist detected that I was suffering from ectopic heart beats, approximately 200/300 a day. He put me on Flecanide, as I am bradycardic ( resting around 45). Had a great 2 years chest pain free and feeling wonderfull. That was until 2 weeks ago when chest pain and pain in the left arm started again. Went to A&E and they have confirmed that no MI and previous stent still working. That was the good news however was still having chest pain and the only suggestion they gave was to reduce the flecanide.

Went back to my original cardiologist and he noticed that my ectopics were back but my HR was now down below 45. He is arranging for me to have a holter for a week to decide if I need an ablation or pacemaker, apparently I have Av block.

Has anyone else experienced this and is the recovery from an ablation really 10-12 weeks?

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