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New here :) advice needed


Hello everyone hope you are all well ☺️

I have SVT and suffer so bad with fluttering and 'skipped beats' however I have a little concern I can't seem to get any closure for

A little over a year ago I was in the cinema when I had a pain shoot from the centre of my chest down the inside of my left arm all the way down into my middle finger

It was like a lightning bolt and suddenly I had crushing chest pain and began sweating

I went to the emergency room where my ecg had 'changes' and my troponin level was elevated to .44

I was admitted to the ward where six hours later my troponin returned to normal and the dr said we don't know what happened we can't explain it but you can go home

Natrually I wasn't best pleased that no one can tell me what happened so I went to my own GP who said it must have been a false positive

I'm not inclined to agree with him as I felt that pain and I can still feel it to this day it was horrific and I sweated so much it couldn't have been a false blood test

He sent me to a cardiologist who basically said you don't need any tests your too young go home

I'm trying to go to another cardiologist but my GP doesn't seem to agree that I should see one

Basically I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar situation or if anyone has any advice on what my next steps should be

Thanks ☺️

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Hi, I think I would get all the documents from my GP and would go to a good private cardiologist to get a second opinion. Your raised troponin levels means that there was something going on. You probably also need heart ultrasound. Maybe stress test where you ride a bike and they take your values. If you dont have private insurance, you wouldnt want to do those tests privately. But if you get a suggestion that you have to do those from a private cardiologist, your gp will have to send you to those tests.

Stand up for yourself with your GP. Good luck.

PeterWh in reply to MinnieMinnie


I would get referred to an EP (Electrophysiologist) rather than a Cardiologist since an EP is a cardiologist who has just specialised in arrhythmia and they see far more patients with arrhythmia and are often more up to date.

I had something similar went to ER they did a blood test triponin was 52then they did one after 12hrs it was 92 did a few more tests then sent me home told me to see cardiologist I did had more tests told not to worry looked ok


I would definitely not accept that you are young and brush it to one side. From what I have learnt arrhythmia are normally progressive over time (it may take years) - they do not just disappear overnight.

Also a very clear symptom of a number of heart conditions (I have now learnt) is sweating (excessive or normal) especially when others aren't sweating. If I had sought help earlier when I was suffering sweating then I would have been better off now.

There is another forum on HUL which is very much more active AFA (Atrial Fibrillation Association). Although the raison d'etre is AF there are a large number on there with SVTs and other conditions so search through those posts.

There are two particularly active young women on here who you should look up there profiles and posts because their conditions and experience will be relevant to you. Both post on here and AFA but more so on AFA.

-- Dee1989 (26)

-- SVTSophie (23 I think)

Dee1989 in reply to PeterWh

Hi yes, as Peter said I have SVT and when I first went to my GP it was mistaken for normal side affects of being a hairdresser and working on my feet. When my blood pressure was a little high they just kept saying well keep an eye on it! It took a head injury when an ambulance attended to catch my SVT I suppose in a way it was a good thing. The first time I met my EP he said do nothing if my side affects are not so bad but like Peter said it got progressively worse palpitations breathlessness and the sweating was horrible.

When I would get to hospital people would always comment on how 'well' I look. I know Sophie has had similar experiences. I would recommend you are referred to an electrophysiologist as my GP won't really comment on my condition now as they say leave it to the experts. I hope you get better soon. I have had two ablations had all different meds and after two years I am now SVT free!! There is hope 😀 Xx

Hi FinalHeaven,

Thanks for the intro Peter and yes I'm 23 ;) haha.

Have you had an actual diagnosis of SVT and if so, who did you see and what was their advice for treatment or next step in being able to progress with the condition?

If you've had a diagnosis the GP should definitely refer you to a cardiologist / EP for further testing.

Not being nosey either, but saw you have other health issues on your profile, do you think these would cause problematic symptoms or stress to bring on the chest pain?

All the best,


PeterWh in reply to SVTSophie

Good - I thought that you were two years younger than my daughter and Dee almost two years older than her!!!

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