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1st degree AV Block with intense symptoms. Tiredness and suffocating.

I was diagnosed with first degree av block and tachycardia five years ago. I am a 30 yr old female in otherwise good health. I take a beta blocker daily. I noticed my palpitations were more frequent around my period. I started a low dose birth control and some iron pills (iron was a little low with blood test). And my palpitations seemed nearly gone.

Lately though I’ve had horrible new symptoms which is what prompted me to get the birth control. I’ll get big palpitations for only a few seconds but when they happen it feels like my heart is stopping and I can’t breathe. Any air in my lungs is knocked out of me. Sometimes I feel like my heart is quivering before I get the palpitations.

After the palpitations I’ll feel extremely tired like I could fall asleep and my hands tingle. Sometimes I feel light headed but I haven’t passed out. I’ll also feel like I have to poop haha.

My cardiologist is not concerned with this and told me to just make sure I am hydrated and because I am small I can just feel everything worse.

Has anyone else experienced this? I’m so scared and desperate for an answer. I plan to make an appointment with an electrophysiology cardiologist

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Hi am having palpitation and ectopic heartbeat since october last year. We may watch on our food so we dont trigger them and regular exercise (for me I am just walking 1-2km).. Sometimes i feel I am cured.. But somehow it comes back.. Food is the big trigger i think


Thanks, for me caffeine and alcohol were big triggers so I avoid both. I walk my dog regularly but don’t exercise because I’ve been too scared (exertion causes irregular beats too). I’ll see if cutting out sugar helps.


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