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AF and junctional rhythm

I was diagnosed with AF in July 2015. I have had 4 episodes in 2.5 years.

I use 1.25 bisoprolol as a PIP and it has always restored normal sinus rhythm in less than 3 hours

I use my kardia on a regular basis which shows as normal with a heart rate of between 64 and 79

My problem is that my GP sent me for an ECG last week as I had digestive chest pain (I have Barrett’s esophagus)

I was called back to my GP the following day to be told that the ECG showed junctional rhythm - she had never heard of it

She said it was nothing to worry about unless I had symptoms such as chest pains

Unwisely I googled it when I got home

The problem is that I am due to go on holiday to Barbados next week and I am now feeling very anxious with palpitations and anxiety

I am afraid to go back to my GP in case she refers me for tests which will invalidate my travel insurance

I am a worrier so I would really appreciate any reassurance


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I’m pretty much constantly in junctional rhythm (when I’m not in AF) it’s when the signal doesn’t come from you sinus node but one of the other heart cells picks up the job (clever like that your heart). By itself I can’t see it’s an issue if you’re not symptomatic (it usually gives you a slower heart rate that can give you symptoms and sometimes that slower rate can allow AF to start).

I’ve carried on and been on holidays throughout but never been lucky enough to go to Barbados but if you are worried you should ask your doctor directly and specifically about whether they think it’s a problem.

Enjoy your holiday


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Thanks for the reassurance x

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