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Irregular beats undiagnosed

I'm 24, could be lighter, relatively fit - used to weight train 3-5 days a week. 6m ago started getting feelings of a drop beat Whilst exercising. Felt it throughout my body thought it was weird but ignored it.

About a month after this started, mid workout (fairly intense) my heart raced out of control (harder than usual and a lot quicker with a feeling of increasing throughout), for about 5 mins+ after, I decide to go home and on the way home whilst resting out of no where, it started again really fast and increasing by the second, got really dizzy called 999 they didn't catch the rhythm.

Since then, I've been having random chest pains and irregular beats low beats, I've been told chest pains are probably GERD and beats are ectopic (after ECG and 24hr ECG and one of those machines that they use for babies).

Throughout the past few months they've become more regular 3/4 days a week and up to 4/5 on those days some time 2,3 after another . Then maybe once every 7-10 days I will have (within 10-25 seconds) 4 hard low beats In a row with various slightly fast irregular beats including pauses in between, it causes me to become slightly light headed and I have to breathe through it and debate whether I need to call for help as I'm worried that maybe it won't stop and go back to normal rhythm, also happens some time when pushing it in the gym.

After this I'm extremely cautious for a few days and am scared to exercise or drink alcohol (only drink socially) - it's ruining my life! All doctors I've been to seem extremely blasé about the whole thing and I didn't really have a bad episode whilst wearing the ECGSs.

I'm on 80mg slow release propanalol which does absolutely nothing pretty much. Don't drink ANY caffeine anymore other than decafe coffee.

I'm scared, I'm frustrated that it's taking so long to diagnose as I can't afford private and overall making me feel pretty low.

Does anyone know what might be going on or have any advice?

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Hi ! These sound like ectopic beats which are very common but affect people in varying degrees.

Anything to do with the heart is very worrying for us all particularly in the beginning . I would suggest that you log on to the AFA....Atrial Fibrillation Association on Health Unlocked which reaches a wider audience and you will get alot of response if you repost on there.



Hi Sandra, thanks for your reply. I will do. Is this an AF problem then?


Hello Lots of info on ectopics havea look at this video(there are more by the same doctor)

generally medical pros are not very concerned about this usually, although of course the patient is ! I have occasional Afib, which did start with occasional missed or extra beats.

Good luck

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Hi, sorry to take so long to reply, I have suffered from ectopic beats for a couple of years now. I was on quick release propranolol but a few months ago the ectopics became more frequent and troublesome so I was put on 80mg of slow release propranolol twice a day. It’s a stronger dose which I wasn’t happy about taking but it does control it far better and only get a few every now and again now. I was getting them so badly I couldn’t function, I was losing sleep and as a consequence not being able to go to work which was so unusual for me and made me quite anxious. I totally sympathise with you, it takes over your life, is very frightening and the lack of help and understanding from the medical world is so upsetting and frustrating. I’ve found this site supportive and comforting. Although they say ectopics are common and not dangerous, you do need to make sure they don’t get too frequent ie every other beat or so and relentless, meaning all the time, as it can over time damage your heart. Is reversible apparently but why let it damage your heart in the first place. I have been to see an electrophysist in London and he can’t ablate mine easily as it’s in the left ventricle near the back of my heart so isn’t easy to reach hence I have to just keep taking the pills! Hope this helps, there are so many of us with this but we need reassurance because it is scary! Gill


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