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V.T and lack of interest in anything

I am 72 years old and new here; just over 12 months ago my heart rate was 214 beats/min had to have cardio version (shock treatment) to get back to normal. Later I was offered an ICD and told because VT will happen again it will be fatal . I agreed to have the ICD. unsure it was the right decision, 3 months later I had another attack 185 beats/min , the icd did not fire until I was in hospital. all ok again when it did and surprised the nurse and doctor attending me. Later I was prescribed AMIODERONE which according to the paperwork in the box read, Only to be prescribed when all else failed, not very reassuring, and had my ICD reprogramed but so far so good. never the less I quickly get tired and very down and do not want to go out , I'm just a miserable old B--------- now , the wife gets very annoyed with it all .

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Hi David,

There is not much you can do. My name is Steve, I'm only 54 & had a pacemaker fitted last year. I didn't know there was anything wrong with me just a bit out of breathe & upset stomach, then bang cardiac arrest.

Anyway a year on & I'm still waiting for the doctors to get my medication right, this is their words, I'm on Asprin, Bisoprolo, Furosemide, Ramipral, Ranitidine, Spironolactone, Thiamine Hydrocholoride & Vitamins B strong compound.

I get very tired & irate according to my sister's, I can't see it myself, but that must be part of being sick, which we are, & we have to understand that first before we'll improve. I don't think we'll ever get better, just improve enough for a decent life.

So keep plugging away you'll find a happy medium hobbies, clubs or maybe a few pints, just people to talk to. Don't give up.......

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Thanks Roger and best wishes to you


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