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It's a bit scary eh?

I was diagnosed with AF six months ago. I had no symptoms and the doctor picked it up during a routine blood pressure test. I was then referred to a cardiologist who confirmed the diagnosis and put me on meds. These seemed to work fine, with the occasional extra flecanaide to keep things in sinus, until last week when I went into AF every day for five days. He doubled my dose of flecainide and that worked for a day before the AF returned and remained stubbornly for about 10 hours. I think it's really hit me now that this thing is not going away and that even management might be difficult. I've just turned 63, I'm at correct weight, fit, no history of heart disease in my family, and otherwise healthy. I live in Brisbane, Australia (although I'm actually a Kiwi). I have confidence in my cardiologist. I guess it's just the tentacles of mortality touching me! But I do get a bit scared. have any of you felt similarly?

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I'm also silent afibber. No any symptoms. I can do sport even at afib with the usual intensty. The only way for me to detect the afib, that I have a personal ECG.

How can you detect your silent aFib ?


Hello, if you are an AF patient, you might enjoy talking to the members on our AF forum it is more specific to your condition and much more popular.




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