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Post Ablation Arrhythmias

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I had my first ablation 12 days ago and am experiencing various arrhythmias every other day, Sinus Tachy, SVT, AF. At first the duration was only 3 hours, but now it's up to 13 hours. per episode. I know it's 3 months before things might settle down, but I'm not feeling very confident that they will. what experiences have others had?

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I found this link which might be helpful. Looks like vitamin c magnesium and a few other things can help. Hope its useful for you.

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Thank you - I'll take a look

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I am sorry to hear that - you may find our information booklets helpful to read regarding post ablation - if you are still unsure, then please contact your healthcare professional for advice.

Thanks Tracy, I found some useful information.

I think you should contact the ep's secretary at the hospital you had the ablation and explain the situation. Have you not got a af nurse to contact. ? Generally after ablations they give you such info for a few weeks after. Phil

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Thanks Phil, I'm waiting for the arrhythmia nurse to call.

Confirm your sense more time will tell. Possibly there's medication which is built into your post-ablation life. In my case of almost life-long slow afib, heart naturally wanted to return to what it has known forever. 18 months since last ablation, daily doses of rhythmol have kept me in sinus rhythm. On front-end though, took weeks for this to be a new normal. Hoping same for you.

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Thank you, I hope so too. I guess it will take time. Glad to hear you're still in sinus rhythm

Stopped after 50 mg flecanaide 2 x day w no side effects, also 25 mg metropolol 1x day. No afib for 1.5 years

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Glad to hear you're free from AF and I hope that continues for you. I'm still getting arrhythmias, although not as frequently, so hopefully that will continue to improve

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