i'm 17 i've had 3 ecg tests 1 holster monitor test blood tests and chest x-ray everything normal. i do have anxiety but i don't think anxiety is causing this. my. normal bpm is about 63 bpm but for no reason it just went up to 80 bpm which has scared me i also get skipped heart beat feelings when i'm at the gym mostly i feel about 4 of them every time it scares me stops me exercising maybe there's more of them that i don't feel. for few months when i've bin exersising i get a weezy chest it not like i'm gasping for a breath but it's a bit harder to breath i've told my gp and she says it's not heart related but she's put me in for a asthma test instead because of my family strong history with asthma . but i feel like i have a heart defect or heart disease and that i'm going to drop down dead i can feel every one of my heart beats does this sound like i'm going to drop down dead anyone ? i need some answers i'm loosing sleep

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  • Hello,

    do you supplement your minerals and electrolytes??? If you exercise you need even more. If you get worse with exercise, you may have exercise induced tachycardia. I recommend you watch that video I posted today. There is your answers, no need to panic. That bloke was in the same boat as you. You just need to balance your minerals and take them every day.

  • Have you had any exercise tests at all? I've had Cardio-pulmonary exercise testing (CPEX) as i often have symptoms when i exercise. That way they can see what your heart is doing during exercise. Have a look online to read about it to see if you think it is worthwhile. If i were you i would read up on different heart tests that tie in with your symptoms. I personally have had to push to get tests to be done even when i am told no so i know how you feel. If your GP is being quite dismissive it might be worth seeing a different GP with your concerns. Please don't think that your concerns are not valid. Even if there is no diagnosis after all of the tests it is better to be reassured than turned away. I found British Heart Foundation helpline very helpful. I would call them up and explain my symptoms to the nurses that work on the phones and eventually they pointed me in the right direction with which tests to request. Ironically, the specialists i was under at the time wanted me to be discharged but i persisted and requested another test and it turned out that test resulted in a positive result so i was so glad that i listened to my own body and mind rather than accepting that nothing was wrong because something was causing a problem. Good luck please keep us posted how you get on.

  • what symptoms did you have and what was your diagnosis may i ask ?

  • Nausea, extreme fatigue, heart rate goes too high during exercise, shortness of breath, cough post exercise, dizziness, migraines. Lots of the time exercise causes these symptoms but i've been exercising for years now with these problems almost all the time and sometimes just day-to-day. I had a tilt test in the end to see if i have a heart condition called PoTs. I got a positive result because when they gave me a drug to speed up my heart rate, my heart rate went up and my blood pressure went so low that i would of fainted unless they stopped the test. If my blood pressure hadn't dropped it would of been a negative result. The main diagnosis has been my blood pressure is too low so exercise seems to be causing me to almost faint or get unwell. I'm on tablets to make my blood pressure higher. I still don't think i have 100% uncovered all of the problems i get and i need to give the medication a bit longer to see if it will help as i have still had problems and my blood pressure readings are still sometimes too low. The main thing was that they confirmed i am prone to fainting - some people are, some people aren't, but i need to control my blood pressure to try and prevent symptoms or passing out. Luckily i have had warning signs so i can stop what i am doing before a faint. I do hope that you get the answers that you are looking for. I am still under Cardiologists so i'm hoping i get to the bottom of my health.

    You could be very unique to people on the forum so you may not have the same issue as me or other people that you come across.

    Here is a link to look at heart conditions

    Here is a list of heart tests

    British Heart Foundation Helpline - Tel: 0300 330 3322

    Phone lines are open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

    I really do recommend you call the helpline, ask to speak to a nurse and explain your symptoms - to see what issue might be causing your symptoms and then they might give you some recommendations for tests you may want to get done.

    Do what you think is best for you with everything.

  • This certainly doesn't sound worrying and most days there are others with a similar story on here that is fed by health anxiety. The skipped beats are likely to be ectopics which virtually everyone will experience at some time, (particularly around the age of 20)

    You should be reassured by your normal monitoring, ecg and cxr and have no reason to believe to believe this is anything other than health anxiety.

    By all means spend some money on seeing a specialist to confirm this if you wish.

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