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flurry of Heart Beats?

I had a Holter24 few years ago with the odd supraventicular eptopic beat was found but no AF .

I was wondering if anyone has an answer to my recent event where

I have had a flurry of extremely fast beats in between heart beats 7 to 8.which I don't get very often.

I described these to my Cadiologist who said this is Ectopic beats but I don't

Feel a thud like normal single type of ectopic but didn't suggest Test..My Cardiologist although great and

Thoughtful unfortunately seemed a bit bored of my question and prefers to think

I worry too much! which disagree with I'm just want an answer to an important question.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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Ectopics seem most likely, but you can purchase an AliveCor to document exactly what is happening as an ecg strip

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Thank you Goldfish

I will look it up AliveCor never heard of it!

Good of you to reply to my post.


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