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double ablation


I was diagnosed with AF 18 months ago but I suspect that it has been coming and going for the last two or three years. I also have occasional bouts of Atrial Flutter. I have been taking 2.5mg of bisprolol but this treatment is no longer effective and one EP suggested Flecainide. I tried 100mg morning and evening with 2.5mg bisprolol but I went into Atrial flutter for an hour or two every time I took flecainide. During a hospitaI visit I went into atrial flutter during an ECG and the EP wanted to hospitalize me to convert back to Sinus rhythm but I assured her that it was only temporary. I did agree to try a double ablation - cryo for the Afib and RF for the flutter. Has anyone tried a double ablation? Here there is an automatic 24 hours in intensive care plus one day of observation after the operation. Any idea on recovery time? The center I am going to has a success rate of 90% for flutter and 70% for PAF but I am a little nervous about doing both in one go.

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