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Ablation on Monday

Hey all.. I've finally decided to go ahead with the ablation. We will be repeating the EP study to figure out the focus one more time.. hopefully not needing to ablate the sinus node completely. Praying for an atrial focus or sinus node modification at the most. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that monday brings better tidings 🙂

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Good luck! I have my fingers crossed for you! I also have IST which is being managed by ivabradine and Bisoprolol I’m only 18 so my cardiologist thinks il grow out of it! But it’s good to know other options for the future, let us know how you get on!


Hi surf15x.. finally the ablation is for SNRT.. they struck off IST


Good luck! Please keep us posted! For snrt do they have to do a sinus node modification since the problem is within the sinus node itself?


I guess so! Will know more on Monday

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Praying for good results🙏❤️


Thank you 🙏


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