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Pulse rates

Had a dermatological procedure today and my pulse was monitored throughout as I have SVT and had local anaesthetic. Dermatologist said radial artery pulsation was v strong in right wrist and v weak in left. He recommended consulting GP but it's impossible to get an appointment here. I left a message with cardiologist's secretary but have had no response. Should I be worried?

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I expect it's been like that for a long time. You should have your blood pressure checked in each arm to see if there is a significant difference. You can buy a bp machine to do this if you can't access one.

There is no urgency to get an appointment with your GP, a couple of weeks wait should be fine, but you should be seen.


Thank you for that information. I've spoken to my cardiologist's secretary and she's passing it on to cardiologist, but you have relieved my worries in the meantime.


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