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Are you due to have an ICD?


Learn more about living with an ICD by registering to attend our annual patients day in Birmingham on 9th October. Email or call 01789 867517 for more information.

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I had an ICD fitted back in March 2016. Has made a big difference to my confidence and life in general.

Lee-J in reply to Denram

Hi. I know it’s been a year so you may not be checking the site any longer, but can you update me as to how your ICD is working? Did you have a pace and a late or was it for bradycardia? Could you let me know what problems, if any, you encountered. I am under pressure to have my AV node ablated (destroyed) so will no longer have my natural pacemaker and will,be pacemaker dependent. Any info would,be really helpful. Best wishes.

Malcky in reply to Lee-J

Hi Lee-J,

I had an ICD fitted in March 2018 following several heart attacks and VT.

I am still attending the pacing clinic at Harefield but the ICD seems to be working fine.

Having it on the left and being left handed made it feel awkward at first but now a few months later I am getting used to it.

I am told that the advantage of an ICD is that it combines both pacemaker and defibrillator in one device. I have found no major problems with it, though I am very aware of it if I roll on to my left during sleep.

Best Wishes,


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