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Finally decided to have an ablation.


Booking my ablation after 10 years.

So worried about having it, just been to see cardiologist who has been trying to make me have it for all these years. So frightened, he said an avrnt ablation is the easiest ablation to do. I am so worried about having a stroke. Will this cure me, will I be able to come off my flecanide completely and get back to a normal life, I really hope so cos I am now suffering with anxiety and find myself listening to my heart beat intensely. I feel it pounding in my stomach and racing when I walk across the room but the cardiologist says I am concentrating on my heart too much and should do things to stop me thinking.

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Please don't worry. Anxiety is understandable but worrying about it doesn't achieve anything - it only worsens you health. Your cardiologist is right. An ablation is a very routine and safe procedure. The small risk of a blood clot and accompanying risk of a stroke are significantly reduced by taking an anticoagulant.

I had an ablation in June under general anaesthetic and it really was a painless procedure. I was out of the hospital and walking (albeit carefully) the following day. Your cardiologist wouldn't offer the procedure if he didn't think you would benefit from it. The justification is to improve your quality of life and, ideally, get you off the medications.

Read through the AF Association’s factsheets ‘Preparing for an ablation for atrial fibrillation’ and ‘Recovering from ablation for atrial fibrillation’ :

I hope this helps calm your fears.

Best wishes,


MydogBrandy in reply to IanMK

Hi Ian, thanks so much for your kind words. Apparently the procedure is not as invasive for avrnt ablation as it is for af ablation. Were you put to sleep? Did you have svt s and are you better now, do hope so.

IanMK in reply to MydogBrandy

Yes - I was put to sleep. I had a high burden of SVEs and the theory is that these were causing my ventricular cardiomyopathy and HF. It was a complex arrhythmia and the jury is still out on whether it has been successful. It takes 3-6 months, even longer, to know whether an ablation has been successful, but it's worth the wait if it works. I am feeling much better and I saw my EP last Tuesday. I'm actually wearing a 7-day holter now so that we can see if any SVEs remain.

In six months you'll be kicking yourself for putting it off :-)

Take care,


MydogBrandy in reply to IanMK

Thanks you take care too will keep you posted

IanMK is right in everything he said. I had my first ablation last October and did feel very anxious beforehand. It was a complete anticlimax. No pain or discomfort to really speak of and felt totally fine when I left hospital after 36 hours. I needed a second one and had that done in May this year. Again it was an uneventful and pain free experience and I am making a good recovery and adjustment to life in normal sinus rhythm. Try to stay calm - that will help your recovery too. Best wishes.

Thanks so much, were you also getting svts and were you put to sleep

No - no SVTs. Yes - I was put to sleep.

Anxiety is the worst things for heart issues but I know it’s easier to say “don’t stress” than it actually is to do. I’ve had 2 SVT ablations (one with sedation and the second with general anaesthetic) and last week had an ablation for atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation. The SVT ablations, especially the one where I was asleep, were quite straight forward, even though they both took about 4 hours. As with everything there are risks which need to be weighed up but you’re at a far higher risk every time you get in your car than you are in the Cath lab. My doctors did find a blood clot in my heart 7 weeks ago when they were about to do my AF/AFL ablation the first time so they aborted the procedure and I took it easy for a few weeks while my body dissolved the clot. If you have good doctors on your side they will look after you. All the best.

Thanks Kaz, you are so brave makes me look like a baby after what you are going through!

Kaz747 in reply to MydogBrandy

Not sure about brave. You just have to deal whatever you have to deal with. Take one day at a time 😉

MydogBrandy in reply to Kaz747

Thanks will try👍

I had an ablation for SVT in 2016. The procedure was totally fine. However, my issue wasn't cured so I am considering a second one as the fear of anticipating an avnrt 220-230 bpm episode is tremendous. I'm only putting it off for fear of a non cure not the procedure.

Best of luck to you!

Thanks, can’t believe you are considering having another one and I can’t get my head round having my first😢

I just had the procedure done done Wednesday for SVT. It was under sedation. Like you I was extremely nervous. I remember moving onto the table and then I woke up in recovery. I’ve had very few issues post-op. A couple episodes of flutter and SVT but nothing like before. The highest my heart rate has been is 132 and only lasted a couple minutes. Best decision I made.

Thanks so much I think I will opt for sedation as I don’t think I will cope otherwise. Glad to hear you decided it was a good decision. Keep well

Hi MydogBrandy

The choice of anaesthesia is between sedation and a general anaesthetic.

With sedation, you may be awake at times, and if you are uncomfortable, it is important to say so, so they can top up the sedation.

My EP said he preferred to do AF ablations under general anaesthia, where the patient is not going to move about.

The choice of anaesthesia has to be agreed well in advance of the procedure

Thanks so much, think I will ask to be put asleep as I am terrified. Having to put it on hold now though because my husband has just had a heart attack and is in hospital. When they did a scan on him they found a lesian on his kidney so now he has been put on so many blood thinners they are having to have a meeting about what to do. He is now has blood in his wee so I am worried, he was supposed to have had two stents put in today bu they can’t do this now till they decide after the meeting. Anyone else out there please with info about things having to be put on hold cos of blood in the wee, and not being able to operate because of the blood thinners. Can’t stop the blood thinners Cos need them to keep arteries clear till stents are put in.

Nb921 in reply to MydogBrandy

Hi! I had an u successful ablation about a month ago and was extremely nervous about potentially being awake. When I was talking to the anesthesiologist she mentioned there were times where I would be more alert than other times. I was scared.However, during my procedure one second I was awake (at the beginning), the next second I was awake in recovery. I was out the entire time (and since mine was unsuccessful it took an increased amount of time). So please don't worry!

avma in reply to Nb921


I understanding your procedure was not successful? What was the Reading? What type of arrhythmia do you have? Are they going to try again?

Hi, my ablation was successful , had my 6 week check yesterday, come off all my meds. So hopefully no more SVTs , my hubby had his kidney out three weeks ago and still not well though.

I know how you feel, I am waiting for Ablation too. Anxiety hits me now and again, I am frightened it will go wrong if I have it done. They tell me the success rate is good and will make me feel better.

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