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Hi my name is Cath. Last year I was very ill due to a blood clot which turned septic. I was given 6 weeks of intravenous antibiotics. My whole body bloated out with fluid. 3weeks on, one day I was particularly breathless until I felt like I was going to pass out. Very luckily for me a nurse was beside me. I came round 5 days later in ICU on a ventilator. I had suffered heart failure, I am now home but still can't get proper answers as to why or how my heart stopped exactly !!!. Has anyone else ever heard of a situation like this. The more I think about this , over a year on, the more confused I get. I was given CPR, but needed the defibrillator to restart my heart. It stopped 2 weeks later but CPR on its own worked this time. I really feel like I was fobbed off at times. Thank you for reading this. xx

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Hi Cath43 :) I hope You are feeling better now ? That's realny scary . But stay positive . You just need answer why ?

Take care ! Let us know how what's happens next ? XX


Hi Cath. Oh you have had a tough time. I do hope everything gets sorted out soon . Have you seen the cardiologist? You really need to get your answers from him/ her about what happened and why. It must have been very scary for you and especially when you are still young. Is your GP supportive about helping you find the answers to your questions? Hang in there and make sure you are not fobbed off by anyone.


Hi again Cath. You don't say where the clot was? Was it near the heart or in the main lung circulatory system? My first blood clot lodged just outside the heart but like you it caused me to collapse and I really don't know how to describe suddenly being in the world one minute and then somewhere else the next. Luckily I am a patient at The Royal Brompton and Harefield hospitals so the cardiologists and lung specialists sorted me out between them. Breathlessness was a feature as was the incredible exhaustion for many weeks afterwards. Blood clots can also fossilise so you want to check that your clot actually has dissolved and won't cause further trouble. If the clot was due to plaque then a referral to the cardiologist would be necessary to find out how likely you are to have another one in the future. Once you are referred to the right specialist to whom you can ask all your questions the more reassured you will be.


Hi. The clot was in my groin. I didn't get to finish my warfarin treatment , but that was my own fault when I left hospital. I have been told that it's too late to start blood thinning drugs again.


Hi Cath,

I am sorry but I cannot answer what happened too you. My condition was put down to alcohol & most if my family & friends think I am an alcoholic now. It isn't fair however they are saying this is what they found.

I was speaking to another patient, who had, had a number of by passes & something else fitted, I can't remember now. He was telling me that when he was first struck down they said it was the drink with him, then they said it was smoking. Anyway they said a load of things because he was a non-smoking teetotaller & they put it down to bacon sandwiches.

I know this doesn't help much, however it gives you an insight as to how they work. Good luck & take care.


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Hi Cath!

When I saw your post I could identify with your feelings! I have had some of your medical problems but NOT ON THE LEVEL THAT YOU SUFFERED! So I can't speak to any of the suffering except to say that my level is small compared to you but I CAN say that I am glad you are alive and God put a nurse by you during your horrible heart event and put you back where you need to be and that is HERE!

I think the main point I want to say is, I know you are not a doctor, but you are looking at something very odd in your health and A VERY DIRE NEED FOR 3 THINGS:




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