In remission - sort of

Earlier this year I had 4 months of hell having ectopics almost constantly day and night. Thought my time was up if I,m honest. I changed Cardiologist who sorted things with a daily high dose of Propanolol (40 x 3 ) after around three weeks all calmed down into almost a normal sinus rhythm. I have a few noticeable misfires on a daily basis but nothing like what I had before, and I,m completely of the Prop.

So I hope this gives some hope to others that nature will give you some relief sometimes with a little nudge. I know that this will not last forever but things are good for now and that very dark days can quickly turn into sunny ones.

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  • Glad to hear things are good just now for you. Hope it stays that way. We all just need hope that the dark days can end or at least not overwhelm us. Gill

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