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Scared & tired

Hi everyone ! I hope somebody would give ma advise , how to stay calm , when my heart goes crazy .I 've got arrhythmia for some time . Every time I see cardiologist , he thinks I'm going be ok , because EKG & heart monitor shows nothing .

As the weeks and months goes by I don't feel better . I just get more panic attaks to .

I would appreciate any advise . Thanks .

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Hi Doda...... okay.... know exactly how you feel. Have you had a seven day monitor yet? I had a 24hour on two separate occasions and nothing showed up. I was told my arrhythmia was benign. After a seven day monitor it was picked up.... both afib and flutter. It did help that I was suffering a virus at the same time...a real trigger! I haven't got an Alivecor but others on this site have one so they have their own evidence. Oh yes...... nothing else wrong with me. My GP laughed my concerns off originally as I am slim, fit, have good heart plumbing and low blood pressure....

You have to keep pushing!

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Thank You Lizty for replying 😄 Yes. I had monitor just last week .

And July 19 th. I will see cardiologist . I wonder what he will tell me ?

All of that makes me wonder , what's wrong becouse I don't have any other health issues .

All the best Lizty . Have a nice weekend 🌞



I am 56 and I face the same problems for last 5 years. My advice:

Take herbal seditive and go walking for 30 minutes every day. When it is really hard ( I feel these skipped beats right now ) take a glass of cold water - small sips , squeeze the nose and blow , take deep breath , stand up and go walking

( My english is so, so )


Hi Alseja 🌞

Thank You very much for advice . For sure I will try that .

Please don't worry about Your English . All the best 🌞


I know how you feel. Every time I go to the Dr. they tell me not to worry. "This is not something that you will die from." Ummm well it doesn't feel that way!

Do you do yoga?? I really feel that yoga- being able to connect with my breath when I am uncomfortable in my body- has saved me.

Sending you peace. You are not alone!


Hi KateyB81

Thank You for reply . I appreciate :)

I should try yoga then . Your words are very comforting , thank You !

Take care 🌞


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