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SVT recurring 5 years after ablation in 11 yr old son. Seek 2nd ablation?


I would welcome advice or similar stories from anyone in the AA community please. Our son was diagnosed with SVT when 2 years old. After 4 years of increasingly severe and disruptive symptoms, for which medication was not helping he was admitted to Alder Hey children's hospital for cardiac ablation when he was 6 yrs old. Though symptom free for almost 6 years, he started having SVT episodes again last summer, which were confirmed by a 14 day heart trace monitor. They have gradually got more frequent and problematic. He has been put back on flecainaide but has seemed very lacking in energy recently (don't know if this is meds or SVTs) also he is still having breakthrough episodes, plus lots of mini SVTs or episodes where his heart "tries" to have an SVT. It's exhausting for him. Has anyone had a child who has had 2 ablation procedures? I know they tend to want to wait for them to be fully grown, but he really wants the ablation because in his mind it fixed it last time. So I'm wondering whether to try to pursue this but would welcome any advice from others who have been down this route.

Many thanks

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Hi there. I have SVT and I'm awaiting my first ablasion. My daughter also has occasional episodes. She had a few at about 4 years old, then they started again when she hit puberty at 12. They are mild and controllable, so we are not concerned at this point. The first meds I went on made me unbearably tired and I couldn't function normally, so I totally understand the tired part. Maybe different meds would help (they did for me). I think your best bet is to talk to a heart specialist at the children's hospital. Ask them about the risks and benefits of repeated ablasions in children. I think the condition is less common in children, so you might not get many responses here. Best of Luck, and keep pushing for answers.


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