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Stress or Arrhythmia?

We have been asked by a journalist for a national newspaper if anybody has been diagnosed with stress or anxiety, to be later told that it is a heart rhythm disorder.

Unfortunately, we are on a tight deadline, and need a response by Tomorrow (Friday) morning.

If you have a story that you would like to share, please do not hesitate in contacting me by email on

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I'd repost this on the AF HUL site since I know that there are a few who do fit these requirements and most are not on this HUL site as well.


I wish there was an available connection of dots here... but I WAS diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD soon after my HF and Cardiomyopathy and low EF with LBBB was diagnosed 4 years ago. My arrhythmias soon became apparent a year later after the implant of my CRT-D. I do have a STORY for this...and I will email! Thanks!


Was there a newspaper article on this. I had anxiety before heart rhythm problem so wondered what the view was?


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