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Newbie diagnosis Arrhythmia


Hi guys, so I’m basically just looking for more information.

I am a 27yr old female, I haven’t always been a healthy lifestyle person but have in the last year tried a little better, goals are being reached 😊 but I have had trauma to my chest recently and been told I now have an arrhythmia, luckily I knew that word and so I knew that meant an irregular heart beat 😱 my doctor told me that it was perfectly normal and many many humans have them. Apparently I don’t need tests or scans or medications, it’s just always going to always be there......

I know I need to see another doctor and get another opinion but I just thought I’d ask, has anyone else ever been told that before?

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Hello! There are plenty of arrhytmias. In your age and that your doctor says its normal i think it was Respiratory sinus arrhytmia? Or maybe some ectopic nothing to worry About

Hello Ka90 (I feel like I'm in contact with someone for Star Wars *_~)

Well I've had what you have since I was about thirty - I'm now 77. It can be worrying, I know, and sometimes it can be worse than others, but what you have - well, it's true what your doctor told you, and I honestly would not worry. I've replied a few times to people with your condition, and similar ones, so if you can search for my posts - they will come under 'pnokio' - you'll get the feedback you're looking for - but basically don't worry - be all means have a second opinion - down the years I have done so - well, I kept on at my doc until I was sent to hospital for various tests - all of which came to the same conclusion - nothing to worry about. Your reactions are perfectly normal - anything not absolutely right about the heart is worrying, so of course you want to have it checked out. Do so. Try not to worry.

Best Wishes,


Hi Ka90, I was diagnosed with arrhythmia in October 2016, I am now 69, and apparently I have had a heart problem all of my life which I never knew about but it showed up during excess exercise. My GP told me to stop referring to it as a heart disease or a heart problem and to just think of it as your engine only firing on 3 cylinders instead of 4. I've stopped worrying too much about it since then. BTW I have an ICD so I should live forever :)

please see my reply to Ka90

Please read this - food especially green leafy vegetables have magnesium - its key!

BTW. what your doctor said is horrible- fire him!! Be well & hugs 🌺

I can understand that you feel concerned. Even though you are so young (I wish I were sometimes!), I think it's important you know what the arrhythmia is. You can then decide whether or not you wish to have a second opinion soon or at a later stage. It will put your mind at rest. You are probably aware that you can get help/advice from the nurses through this site. They are truly wonderful. Good luck and try not to worry.

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