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Did u ever feel skipping beats ?


Since Christmas .. I am feeling sometimes like skipping or fluttering beats ... when I check my pulse is like pause and in my chest very wierd feelings .. I never had any problems with my heart ... sometimes happends to me long time ago but not that regulary like now .. I mean sometimes I got two moths without them and then 8 days with them ... I got maximum 5 of them per day what I can feel .. but still is scary ... I am personal trainer ..but since December I took break ... and maybe this is the problem ... and also I broke up with my ex partner ... everyone telling me is normal and everyone got them but most of the people doesn’t know about them at all ....

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Hello Claire! I also feel skipped heartbeat sometimes, especially when I lay down and suddenly stand up . My advice would be to ask for a holter, then you'll be able to record any skipped beat. 24h holter is not enough, if you can have a 2 week holter it is better.

Also check this link:


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Thank you :) so much :) I never had this problems before .. maybe 5 years ago sometimes but is very strange .. I got them for few days and then month or two nothing .. and then again coming back .. I got them only when I stand for long and move my head .. I was thinking can be maybe cause from back ? maybe some nervs in chest ... because I don’t have any other symptoms ... is true I got very stress around christmas ... maybe I have to just relax ...

I am taking magnesium bisglycinate ..and also taurine .. and some potassium let’s see how it will improve ... my blood presure is always perfect and every ECG which I had in my life been perfect too ... I will also cut off all “sugar free “ and fytates , and aspartan ... can cause too ...

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Potassium is not recommended as a supplement, so this could be contributing to your problems. We get plenty in our food, especially from fruit. Too much potassium is not good for the heart, and much too much is dangerous. It is not sold in the UK as a supplement for these reasons.

If you really want more, eat a banana every day! (Potassium is vital, but not extra!)

Hi, sounds similar to how my symptoms started. If you can, ask for a 14 day Zio ECG monitor. The 24/48 hour ECGs (which I also had) often come back clear if your symptoms are very infrequent.

I didn’t get an episode until day 14 of wearing the Zio patch!

My eventual diagnosis was paroxysmal atrial fibrillation.

what’s that mean ?paroxysmal atrial fibrillation??

This is Afib that occurs occasionally and usually stops spontaneously (e.g without treatment).

but I don’t have any episodes .. is like sometimes fliping my heart ones and is normal rythm again ...but is never doing when I lie down ... almost just when I move with my chest ... but then I got 2 months quite and then just some of them .. again ...

and I got maximum 5 skipping of them per day .. I think I got something else probably PVC

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Hi Claire

I've had what you've discribed since I was 19 I am now 39. 😬😂

From a few, too many times throughout the day and night over the years. (palpitations)

They have come and go and have drove me insane at times. Plenty of hospital visits, ECG's, holter monitors and Eco cardiograms. Read and watched endless Cardiologist talking about palpations, some helpful, some not so.

I played football, ran half marathons and generally looked after myself. So when I developed PVC'S ,PAC'S I definitely started scratching my head.

Try and get yourself checked out and most the time reassurance from a professional is all you need.

For me reassurence helped and I went years without any symptoms but life throws up a lot of stressful things and they returned.

I'm currently sitting here writing this and have had a few palpitations and I've not had any for months until the day before yesterday when they started again. 🙄

Now, I'm currently going through a stressful time a house sale during this time, I've not seen my kids for 10 Weeks, I'm jobless too. (due to the pandemic) and few other personal things so there's enough reason for me to get stressed.

For me personally I've realised that my emotional state contributes to me get palpitations

I didn't at first and would search for every answer possible why they were happening , will magnesium help, omgea 3 or not drinking alcohol or coffee the list was endless. The struggle was real.

So Claire, I seen your post and just wanted to reach out and say you're not alone.

Stay safe and I wish you well.

I have periods of time when I have more skipped beats and then other times I hardly notice them. At one point I was so stressed about it becasue it was happening in the gymduring weight-training. I got myself so anxious that I stopped working out for a long time. I have stopped all caffeine, added sugar, am taking a very good omega-3 supplement and I feel a big difference. I still have a few episodes per day, but it's much much better.

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I got them just in posture mostly ... I had just blood test today and ECG but have to wait few days for results :/ so anyoing ... 😃 did u done all tests? my ones came just in christmas ... and they on and off ... sometimes 14 days I got them and then ... two months nothing and again ... so strange ... but is true I got a lot of stress since christmas

Hi Clair, I have the exact same thing. I started having skipped heartbeats almost regularly every day. There was no pain or any other symptoms but I went to see a doctor and he requested I have holter monitor for 24 hrs. The results showed that I have Supra-ventricular premature heartbeats. The doctor said it’s minor and not dangerous at all, but he saw me worried a lot so he prescribed 2.5 mg Beta Blocker. I started taking it today and I feel so much better. I will need to stop it gradually in 2 weeks. The doctor believes it anxiety which I do feel it too. I hope this helps.

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