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Give me your best distractions!! 😊

Hi all!

So it's 4 days until my procedure....first full day without metoprolol...and I'm kind of an anxious mess (God help my husband). So, lay it on me - any good distractions (the sillier the better) that got you through your pre-ablation prep? There's only so much laundry folding I can take (and hey at least I have a sort of excuse - gotta milk it πŸ˜‚).

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, and I just want to thank you all for being on this board and providing advice, stories, and laughs. As someone who doesn't have anyone in my personal life who had dealt with arrhythmia, and is an anxious mess recently, this board is such a great resource 😊

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Good Luck! Keep yourself as busy as possible without overdoing it! Try and channel your mind to not dwell on the actual procedure. I was fine until I was actually being wheeled in and then it hit me and I got the shakes. Mind you it was cold in the Cath. lab so be prepared.


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