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Feeling of heart stopping

Hi, I'm 17 years old and was diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction when I was 14. When I was first diagnosed with autonomic dysfunction I had periods of random tachycardia, but I haven't had any major symptoms for almost 3 years. Recently though, I've had a feeling of my heart stopping or pausing while laying in bed at night. Everytime this happens I basically feel like I'm dying, but the pauses are either followed by a fast heart beat or it'll slowly start beating again. I've went to see a cardiologist and he said it was mostly likely ectopic beats and nothing to worry about, but I'm still feeling uneasy and was wondering if anybody can relate or has any information on this. I've also had EKG that turned out fine.

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Hi there, I have SVT which comes with episodes of tachycardia. I used to get a lot of ectopic beats that became much less frequent when I cut back on my caffeine intake. Maybe try staying away from enery drinks, coffee, tea, and chocolate for a while and see if it makes a difference. I've heard cutting back on smoking and alcohol can help too, but I don't do either of those. Good luck!


Hi! Supp22!

When you're only 17 and you have that feeling and event, and the Cardiologist tells you that it's very weird! The reason I'm responding is because from the time my daughter Molly was 12 she started having the same symptoms including Syncope! She actually did pass out twice, once cold and once during Mass and I was able to catch her!

By the time she was 23 she went to MY EP (which is why I'm on this Arrhythmia Alliance group) and she tested her with a Holter Monitor (she also was tested when she was 19) and she had a treadmill stress test and she tested well. Her echocardiogram was perfect as well. She had just about every test she could have, but the answer is that she had ectopics, PVCs (like mom) and some brief tachycardias.

I have a CRT-D and I went from LBBB to almost complete Heart Block, and I do have Syncope at not good times. So whether you live in the USA (Chicago, IL) like us and have great insurance and you are young and have every test in the book and the doctor says what your doc said....or if you live in UK and the doctor does no tests and says what yours says....usually believe it or not a 12-lead EKG tells ALOT!!!

My advice is to ask that a copy of that EKG and the report and measurements be copied to you and you keep it forever (as your doctor will) so that you will have it for the next time (just in case) if it ever happens again. They shouldn't be too quick to dismiss you!

Don't obsess over it...believe it or not it is sort of a common thing. But do be vigilant and keep a "HeartBeat" diary. You'll be glad you did. You could even buy a Drugstore Blood Pressure and finger HR machine just to a morning rating with your journal. You may be the "doctor" that uncovers a potential issue if there is one. That's what doctor's are going to measure anyway.

Stay positive, stay hydrated, stay rested, and stay aware. You are a very smart girl to report this and get this ECG done at your age. Now start saving all your info and maybe recording your symptoms, and just live your young fun life to the fullest. If a symptom persists or get worse, go back to Cardiologist, but try to get an Electrophysiologist Referral because they care about arrhythmia and heart beats stopping, tachy and Bradycardias. OK matey? Nice talkin! Hope this helps a little from the mom of a lovely girl who likes to teach fitness classes and dance Hip Hop! <3


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