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For years I have severe dizzy spells and near blackouts  it feels like when you stand up to quick but worse my vision goes black but Ian still aware of every thing going on and I have to stand still and hold on to some thing as my balance goes and then after a few moments my vision starts to come back to normal and the dizziness passes  I've never thought anything of it until my mum passed way with heart problems I decided to get checked out as heart problems run in my family my brother died at 34 out of the blue with his heart .u had ecg and the doc said I had a prolonged heartbeat and referred me to see specialist heart doc I am still having investigations but they suspect I have arrhythmia I've undergone ablation and bee monitered regularly to try and catch the dizzy spell my heart rate is about 200bom and now u have a heart loop recorder implanted which records my heart 24/7 so I still don't know fully what is wrong

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Your symptoms sound much like mine -clinging on to something until the world comes back to normal really resonates with me.  I have been diagnosed with SVT. I too have a family history of heart conditions. I haven't had an ablation and  the condition is largely controlled by bisoprolol. But I do still have episodes which I find frightening. I have seen an EP who confirmed the diagnosis and repeated what my GP had told me which was that it isn't a life threatening condition but I do sympathise as it's hard to remember this when you feel as though you're clinging on for dear life - literally! 


Same as me and eventually diagnosed with irregular heart beat. that was 15 years ago and been on drugs, then ablation, then back on drugs since and usually been fine. Theyve had to change my drugs though over the years. The key is seeing an EP / heart rhythm specialist, it wasnt wasnt till I saw him that anything got done.

The dissyness was simply not enough blood getting to my head, especially if I stood up quickly, or even normal speed.

Hope your specialist gets you sorted.



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