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I'm 58 and thought I was fit and healthy! Currently trying to get to the bottom of IBS triggers when a heart problem has been found after 24hr holter monitoring. Obviously this has sent my anxiety and symptoms into tailspin. I was reading about vagus nerve affecting heart rhythmns, anyone familiar with this concept? I was told I get ectopics plus frequent short pauses so they think an electrical fault but not sure of cause - seeing a Cardiologist on Tuesday and stressed to the max. My anxiety is off the chart and I don't even know how I'll cope tomorrow. I'm so scared since I found out - convinced I'm going to drop dead at any moment and can't eat or sleep or function.

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  • We are all our own worst enemy.

    I was diagnosed 2 years ago some people on here much longer and we are all still around . But understand how you feel very scared try to calm down read all the info. On this site it helps a lot hope you feel better soon

  • Hi. Sorry about your news. It's easy to say don't worry but harder to do but don't worry!!!!

    If they though that it was even remotely likely that you would drop dead then I am sure that they would have kept you in hospital in a cardiac ward all wired up.

  • Sorry to hear that the worry is affecting you so bad. As you can see there are lots of people on here that have rhythm problems and have lived with them for many years. If it is an electrical problem try to get to see an Electrophysiologist, rather than a Cardiologist. As Bob would put it, it's like the difference between an electrician and a plumber.

    It's just my opinion, but I am sure that there is a link between IBS and AFib via the vagus nerve, as some people find certain foods to be triggers for both.

    I know that it is difficult, but try not to worry.

  • I have been through similar this year.Its never as bad as whats going on in your mind,like you I was scared out of my mind, lost loads of weight wasn't sleeping etc. At one point I was convinced I would not survive a night. However, it does get better and as other posters have said we are all still here. The best advise I can offer is find the best specialist you can , assuming you need more advise. I had a couple of goes before I found the right specialist.

    Stay positive it makes a huge difference .Also, I truly believe that if you can find a way of blocking negative thoughts then this will reduce your symptoms a lot.

    Best of luck

  • Thanks everyone. I saw Cardiologist yesterday and had Echocardiagram and Stress ECG which clearly showed the problem but because I was so anxious and heart racing and the fact that these blips kept happening he wasn't able to fully evaluate the arteries and blood flow so tomorrow I have to go and have a CT Cardiac Angiogram (eek!). See Cardiologist again on Monday for the full verdict.....I will definitely ask him about an Electrophysiologist. I am also convinced there is a correlation between the Vagus Nerve and heart activity.

  • Now had the CT Cardiac Angiogram which showed nothing wrong with heart itself so saw Cardiologist yesterday and he says it's a benign arrhythmia and said could take beta blockers for when it's too fast or ectopics bother me. However, it's the slow part that bothers me the most as I doubt today it's gone above 50 and it's making me VERY anxious indeed and I keep thinking it's going to slow down completely. I can't stop taking my pulse and it's so irregular and/or slow that I can't relax. Going back to my GP in a few days to have a chat with her but not sure if I need a 2nd opinion, need to get a grip of my anxiety or what :-(

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