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Any advice welcome

Morning all

I currently don't have any diagnosis but have had a loop recorder inserted inside my chest due to fast heart rate.

I had my recorder downloaded on Monday and some of the readings were 200 bmp, these were in the middle of the night while I was at rest, I remember one in particular where I was getting bad chest pain which went down my left arm, up my neck and in my jaw, as well as back pain and feeling faint. I am still getting hard thudding in my chest and chest pain as well as feeling tired all the time.

The lady who downloaded my recorder was concerned and explained that 200bmp was extremely high, she then tried to contact my consultant, he wasn't in that day, so I called his secretary myself yesterday and she told me he was in surgery all day but she had collected my recordings, I have called again today as im so worried but again my consultant isn't in.

I'm now starting to think maybe my heart rate isn't an issue and obviously not dangerous.

Any advice or ANYTHING from anyone would be a great help.

Thank you


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I really do not wish to be negative about this forum but it isn't anywhere near as active as the AF Association site.

You might see that under "Unable to take anticoagulants....." I suggested to Roger that he post on the other forum, he did and has had a lot of advice and suggestions and so perhaps you could do the same?

I don't feel knowledgeable enough to comment on you high RHR. I do occasionally see my HR go above 200bpm but that is during quite strenuous excercise.


Hi Vicki, I'm not medically qualified but if I was getting bad chest pains plus pain radiating down leftvarm & into jaw and back then I would have got my self off to AE ...probably by 999 call.

A sustained heart rate of 200 BPM is not at all a good thing to have . You really do need some answers here. If you have further episodes of chest pain radiating to arms etc then in your position I would make a 999 call or at the very least 111.

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Hi Vickie,

Chest pain accompanied with arm and jaw pain should be investigated, you should go to casualty especially with your heart rate at 200!

get yourself checked out as soon as.

Good luck


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It sounds like you are extremely anxious, this will not help at all, but having said that your symptoms fit the criteria for an MI;

Advice is always to ring 999 or get to A+E if someone can get you there, you must not drive yourself. The probability is that your anxiety has exacerbated your symptoms and you will not be having an MI (a heart attack). 200 bpm at rest is not healthy and needs investigation. The first thing may be a 24 hour halter monitor, then a five or seven day one. I was hospitalised with a beat of over 200bpm and was on an ECG for five days. I now have had an ablation and have a loop recorder implanted in my chest. This is to monitor what my heart is doing, in my case to check for arrythmia's. Thumping in your chest is the result of palpitations and is a result often of anxiety, try some relaxation exercises and / or try to keep occupied as this will act as a distraction therapy and will help you to relax.



I can t imagine how awful it must be for you to have these episodes particularly at night when you are supposed to be relaxed with a slower heart rate. If you are anxious it is definitely not your fault I have a few question which I think you should explore with your cardiologist ...

What episodes. led you to fit a loop recorder ? how often is your pacing appointments ? Can you arrange it such that it is at the same time as cardiologist appointment . Ask the clinic at what rate the loop recorder is calibrated ? Have you ever passed out ? How often do you get episodes of syncope and what are the symptoms associated with it ? do you get these episode upon excertion ? Have you had an stress test done? any close family member with circulation related chronic problem?

I think if you have episodes like this call 999 ...

Best of luck


Hi, I have SVT and my heart rate has often been 200+ I would say if you have these symptoms plus the pain in neck and jaw I would go to Aand E this way they will be able to do an ECG which would show the signals of your heart where they would also most prob be able to diagnose the problem. Well that's what happens to me. I would also never leave chest, jaw or arm pain. I have had these types of pains sometimes when my heart was at 200 rate but they said it could be where my heart was under pressure beating I was getting pain but I would never ignore pain. They always take the pains seriously.

Once I had chest pain and I went to a and e without palpitations and it brought up something else I had going on, up on my ECG where I had to be taken off certain medications as it could be dangerous. I think with me I try to always listen to my body if I get pain and every time I have been to A and E I have always been right that my body was doing something and the doctors have always looked after me.

I hope this helps xxx


Please don't ignore chest pains especially if central chest region ( heart) and crushing pressure. Radiating down your arms or up to your jaw. Your symptoms may have been an MI, please seek emergency care if it happens again. Anxiety can cause panic attacks and be a trigger for causing MI's not the same. 200 bpm is very fast, thudding and palpitations are signs of an irregular heart rate. How disgusting your consultant wasn't able to review your results. I would keep phoning until given an urgent appointment. Anxiety doesn't cause fast heart rates. Your anxious as your feeling tired/I'll from an fast heart rate, do not accept anxiety as the cause or stress. Potentially very dangerous to ignore, please don't let anyone stop you from getting the answers you need. Some receptionists aren't that helpful, fainting from a fast heart rate is concerning. Please keep a record of your symptoms and tell the receptionist that you need to be seen urgently. Try your local GP they may be able to advise or re-refer to someone different or speak with your consultant to get some urgent answers.

I hope this gets resolved very quickly, fast heart rates are somewhat painful and exhausting.

Take care and I hope your feeling better very soon


Any news ? If you have had a repeat of the symptoms hopefully you went straight to A+E or rang 999. You are at risk of forming clots in your blood with a heart rate of 200 bpm, and your chest and arm pain certainly points at a heart attack scenario. I hope that it was all sorted for you.


See a cardiologist and get help.


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