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Ventriculcar Tachy Ablation? Anyone have one?


Just curious. I had one doctor say he could not do it because my scar was located in the ventricular septum, however I am seeing a top top ablation specialist next week in hopes he may be able to help. I take Sotalol now and it makes me very tired and sluggish. I feel like I am 80 and I am only 40! I definitely cannot live the rest of my life in a medicated state! I do have an ICD.

I am hoping this doctor can help me. My current doctor is always like just take meds. But I am always complaining how it effects me and he does NOTHING about it.

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i had a ablation 5 weeks ago they said the same to me but they managed to do mine the only other thing they did say was if scar tissue was on outside of heart it would be a diff procedure and put to sleep not sedated fingers crossed 5 weeks in there saying it looks like it has worked even though i have been admitted 4 more times in to hospital but never gone into vt since hope you do get sorted out i hate bieng poorly just want to ba back working

Natasha1975 in reply to kevserg

Kevserg, that is fabulous news. Was it a successful ablation? what was your diagnosis? did you see a different doctor? was it your decision? I just cannot handle the medication anymore! I have an ICD already. I hope it was successful for you and you are able to come off meds soon.

kevserg in reply to Natasha1975

no i had a cardiac storm while working away got shocked 46 times over 1 hour so next day was in for ablation they think it worked because even though i have other problems i have never been back into vt as yet but im struggling with anxiety and panic attacks at the mo plus they keep changing my meds they say long term heart transplant but they want to get as much life out of my own heart first

Wow that must have been horrible!! hope this works for you. So you are not on medication now?

kevserg in reply to Natasha1975

yes still on meds ramapril carvidalor and eplerenone

Svtcrazy in reply to kevserg

Hey when your rate goes up, try biofeedback. It helps tremendously. Relax, in you quiet place, concentrate on staying calm, count you heartbeats down. It can be done with practice. I know it is scary, but you can do it and can conquer the beats.

I have had 2. I take labetalol. It is still there but because if scar tissue, they can't do it again and I have a blood disorder. It is livable. I am no longer just passing out and now my body is not on retro mode, I.e., oh you just ran let me beat at 160 and I am sleep. That doesn't happen anymore. I still have to be careful, but everyday is better. Do your second opinion, ask all the questions and talk to other patients.

Hi Natasha, I forgot to mention in my post on scleroderma, that I also have arithmias. I have atrial fibrillation and super ventricular tachycardia. I take 25 mg. of metoprolol succinate time release. I still get the a fib and SVT from time to time. I sometimes take a half milligram of Ativan and find that it helps. I alo do some breathing exercises. That seems to be helpful as well.

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