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Anyone recognise these symptoms?


I recently posted this on the AF forum but after using the Cardiograph app, my heart rate isn't fast, just very erratic so I thought I'd run it past all of you :-)


I have been looking on here for a few weeks since my GP mentioned that I may have a heart rhythm problem. I have been ill on and off since May and I am still baffling the Drs.

I was diagnosed with Asthma a few years ago but none of the meds really worked. My breathing got a lot worse this year and I suddenly started getting extremely tired, I couldn't get through a normal at all. I was given steroids and things got worse. I was having palpitations for hours that were keeping me awake and my breathing got worse. I had an ambulance out and none of the asthma meds worked but my ECG was abnormal. I was taken off of the steroids as I have tachycardia and I seemed to slowly get better. I went back to working out 5 times a week etc. Chest x-ray came back clear.

About 6 weeks ago, my breathing gets bad again and i'm exhausted again . Now this only normally happens in the summer months which is why they thought it was asthma. I had changed GP's and this one took it very seriously. I've had bloods, all normal, another chest x-ray and a r-test which I am still waiting for the results for. Then the palpitations start again, nearly every night and usually at night, as well as a few odd beats. Does this sound anything like anyone else has experienced? Add to the mix now that I keep getting weak and shaky and that can go on for hours too. It has really affected my whole life and it's clearly not going away.

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Don't have any idea what is the cause I'm afraid but just wanted you to know that you're not alone. Some of what you experience I do too but I've had two ablations for Svt but weak tired and cold with palpitations etc so I know just this without diagnosis is scary as make you feel awful! Keep at the docs till they find out what it is and good luck x



I'm not a doctor so don't take this as medical science but I also had breathlessness which was unpredictable and often not linked to exertion. Dr also gave me inhaler and thought it was asthma. This happened a few times. No loss of symptoms and still felt exhausted. Eventually (2 yrs later after feeling pretty rough a lot of the time) I got really really out of breath , went to dr and had ECG showing I was in AF. Rushed to hospital, lots of drugs (beta blockers, warfarin , furosemide) and after few months had cardioversion. Back to normal rhythm then AF again after few weeks, one more attempt at cardioversion lasted 48 hrs then back in AF.

Eventually I decided I couldn't live in AF for ever on drugs so opted for ablation which has changed my life. Hoorah for NHS! I have my life back , normal energy levels, no breathlessness and hopefully will come off the drugs eventually .

I'm 57, male, otherwise was healthy, like to exercise (cycling20 miles or so) and busy life busy job. Was starting to think of early retirement but couldn't afford it. Now I'm glad I went for ablation. So far so good anyway !

Incidentally I'm now off all caffeine and most alcohol which I can cope with if that keeps my heart in rhythm and stops it racing like it used to. excellent cardiologist at Birmingham heart rhythm group dr MICHAEL Griffiths . Good luck and (I'm not a doctor) don't reckon it sounds like asthma to me.

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