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Catheter ablation

Hi I'm 39 years old and was diagnosed with VT in May after being Mia diagnosed for five years previously with panic attacks.

Two days ago I had my second ablation as the first one did not work and was still having VTs.

Today I'm still having some salvos of around 8 beats and just want to ask if these are because my heart is irritated after procedure or if this op may be another failure? Doc did say I could experience palpitations for a couple of weeks after but I'm just scared. Your advice would be welcomed x

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During your ablation was the cardiologist positive they'd got it? Did they try & set your VT off? I had 2 ablations 7 years ago (the second one cryro) but they knew during the 2nd ablation that they hadn't been successful as they could still trigger the SVT. It sounds like your cardiologist is much more positive so hopefully you'll find it settles down over time. Although I still suffer with my SVT it has reduced overtime and I know what triggers it (lack of sleep & dehydration & too much running) so have had to make some life style adjustments to try & minimise. I hope you are feeling better soon. Feel free to update in a few weeks. :)


Hi thank you for your reply. They called it a technical success but failed to trigger my VT during ablation so don't know if maybe they ablated it before trying to trigger it?. I'm sorry your second was not a success but it sounds like you have adjusted well so hopefully regardless I'll be able to learn to cope. I have found there to be little or no post ablation help or information on what really to expect or for how long which just feeds my fear so this site is helping. Thank you


You are right, there is little post ablation help. Maybe it's because it's still relatively new as a procedure. Your ablation sounds really positive. Try not to worry, just relax and try and carry on with normal tasks and hopefully in time it will settle and you'll begin not to focus on it so much. The great thing about this site is it makes you realise you are not alone. Take care 😊


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