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Anyone gone into af after pacemaker implantation

Well here I am again as you see previous posts I did not just spring back after implant of pacemaker I have been back twice to have pacemaker adjusted and told working fine even though I did not feel myself then 7th October 3 weeks after pacemaker implant I went into full af which paramedics captured on ecg this attack lasted 30 minutes. I was taken to a and e by which time I was in nsr I have now got a specialist nurse I can contact for support and have bee told to increase beta blocker to 10mg. My question is has anyone else had af after pacemaker I think may have had flutters as I had eptopics before but never full af. Anyone with same experience and advice please reply

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Sorry to hear your having a rough time, Can I ask if you have had an AV node ablation done after your pacemaker?

They should tell you that even with a pacemaker you will still get these attacks but they should not be as debilitating.

I was able to come off all my arrhythmia meds straight after my procedure.

I am still aware of AF but it doesn't appear to have the same effect on me as before.

Hope you get sorted


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No Wendy had pacemaker as they said I had sick sinus syndrome and bradycardia and one short lived episode of fast beats whilst week of wearing heart monitor but whenever I checked my pulse it was usually in 60s bpm. I think I had learnt to live with eptopics etc by the time they did pacemaker implant I had not had an attack of feeling unwell 4 months but I went along with recommendations I am just hoping now it all settles down and I do not have another attack as the theory is pacemaker speeds heart up and beta blocker should slow it down? I am now waiting to go to warfarin clinic as apparently once you have been in af they wish you to take warfarin? As for ablation my own dr did mention that if the attacks continue it may become necessary . I just wonder if they had upped my beta blocker in the following week of implantation would it have prevented af attack.


Not really sure about that? I know that after all my ablations I was started back on arrhythmia drugs with no change at all.

Had my pacemaker implanted and was as bad as ever with symptoms and was really disheartened but four months later had AV node ablation and what a difference.

I guess we are all different in the way our body responds, I am however on blood thinner rivaroxiban for as long as, but small price to pay for my life back.

Good luck


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