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Pacemaker implanted.

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Hi all! After 2 years of considering it, I finally had my pacemaker implanted yesterday. Have to stay a couple of days at the hospital as the medicines and machine learn to work together. Looking forward to a new and peaceful rhythm now!

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Yay, congrats! Glad you got that done and over with and I wish the best for you in your recovery and set up : ). Keep us posted!

Hi KRG that is good news. I had a pacemaker nearly 4 years ago and it was the best decision I made. Take things very steady the first few months particularly. Although the site of the pacemaker will heal quite quickly, don't push yourself once its healed on the outside. You still have to treat yourself gently for a little while longer. Everyone is different and your pacemaker team will be finding what setting works for you at your next few assessments. Everyone is different. All the best! What a brilliant start for 2020!


So as soon as I got home, my 10 year old, all excited to see me, rammed head first into my left shoulder and impacted the sutures and machine 😷. Was taken to the hosp for emergency ECG and fluoroscopy. Thankfully the machine a d lead is ok. Some bruising but manageable. The pain is quite persistent though. Waiting for it to get bearable.

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Wow, that’s a rough start! Hope you are doing better now.

You must be in UK...I had mine done Jan 2 at noon and was on my way home by 3 PM! Yikes! In USA! I am doing well, I think. Will have wound check and staples out on Thursday. I am back on Eliquis and feeling relieved,but unsure. How do you feel? Any advice?

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Hi :). I'm in India actually. The longer stay was because I had to start a larger dose of antiarrythmics with the pacemaker in place and the ep doc wanted to titrate the meds and calibrate the machine to the best possible combination.

Not in a position for advice yet, still struggling with the pain. How are you?

I am doing quite well.Only taking Tylenol, though having some slight chest discomfort tonight. Hope I haven’t been too casual. I was prepared for worse. Now to see if it deals with the fatigue and frequent afib of the past month.

What was your reason for the pacemaker? Don’t be afraid to take your pain meds. I know from past that you will heal quicker with the rest that comes from comfort with no pain.

I knew I would need a PM at some point, and feel as though I managed my own care. I am curious about others and how it works.

Best hopes for you. Take care. Polly

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I was having bradycardia at 30 bpm and tachy at 200-220. No meds helped coz they just took the lower heart rate further down. Now on meds for the tachy and pacer for the Brady. I'm also wondering if I took this too casually. How long does one need pain meds though? It's been 5 days and I'm still eyeing them..

I don’t think five days is too long. Just take enough to get the rest you need...and you do need rest.

I too am tachy/ brady...never went quite to your extremes, but any beta blockers took me to high 30s and afib always to 170s and going higher each time. Also had a heart pause of several seconds on a one week no more delays. I wear an apple 4 watch that shows me when my heart goes too low or fast or into afib so there is no way to fool myself. I am hoping to avoid ablation, but this pacemaker is my last hope.

Have you done ablation?

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I had 2 EP studies over a year and a half.. attempted ablation but couldnt do it. I have abnormal automaticity which my doc said is not the best for ablation. There are multiple errant points generating impulses and blocking them too.

Also remember you had an additional injury from your loving welcome home. 😌 That is a Big addition to the healing. Take something for the pain until you do not need it. We are responsible adults.

I had a long ugly bout with shingles over a year ago. I was so afraid of taking the pain was doctor explained that I was making it worse...and I was, and did. This time I know the difference and I do not need strong medication. Then, I did! And didn’t trust myself. Foolish and painful. I suffered for months. Trust yourself. Take care. P

Thanks a ton for your kind words. How is your shoulder feeling? I've been asked to restrict left arm.movement for a month. Already feeling the stiffness in the shoulder.

Shoulder is sore, but tylenol helps. And trying to not use it. It will be difficult as I live on a golf course and it is one of my few activities this time of year. But I will wait and hope that afib doesn’t raise its ugly head when I do exercise. I’ve not yet even tried any long walks yet. I imagine with a young child at home you have plenty of exercise.

I wish you a quick recovery..P

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KRG13 in reply to 37Polly

I have 2 young ones at home :) But they're caring and warm and dont let me do anything! Lots of hugs and cuddles ! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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