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Innapropirate Sinus Tachycardia


I was diagnosed with Innapropirate Sinus Tachycardia last year and since then I've not had any let up from the symptoms I think there's only a few weeks when I've not been in hospital at some point, has anyone had a problem with being told it's just anxiety making their heart go fast and doctors not accepting that you actually have a diagnosis, I understand that anxiety would be normal when your heart is going fast I genuinely don't get anxious when it happens and I have to go to hospital though and I've fort the battle with so many doctors trying to explain its not anxiety has anyone else had this problem?

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Hi there, are you on any medication? I just have sinus tachycardia(not inappropriate ) and have been offered Bisoprolol if it is a problem. It's definitely not caused by anxiety in my case and Drs accept that. I am lucky that it does not happen very often. Good luck and take care.

Yeah I am they've tried me on lots of different medicines at maximum doses and annoyingly they don't really help

YES - & they make you anxious by insisting !!!

Yes exactly, it's such a wearing battle to fight with them isn't it


I was diagnosed with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia a few years ago and I am on Ivabradine 7.5mg a day. I also had a sinus node modification in March 2014 which unfortunately wasn't as successful as hoped. I had to pay private to see a decent cardiologist, three previous hospitals actually covered up test results showing I had IST all along. I was told I was unfit and that I tried too hard during the treadmill test.

I am at university and receive disabled student allowance, and was really annoying that in my report they put that my condition causes anxiety. I have never been anxious in my life.

I will say though since my cardiac ablation and staying on medication I have had a new lease of life. I can go to the gym without my heart rate going through the roof, and I can go on rollercoasters without feeling ill (have now also done Europe's tallest and Europe's fastest). I still have attacks, but not to the extent of prior to my operation. They won't do another ablation as it is too risky, I would end up with a paralysed diaphragm.

But yes I have had issues over the years with doctors not recognising it. You have to keep fighting. At one point I was sent to the pain clinic!

for 36 years i suffered daily badly with ectopic beats , atrial fibrilation ,palpitations , i knew what it was . only in 2012 after going to accident and emergency did i get it diagnosed get your doctors to;d , its real bad they dont listen if in uk get referal to a e.p cardiologist , best wishes , kevin

I have muscle spams all my life and faster heart rates when stressed and its gradually worn me down to do stress in the work place. I now take Citalopram and I have more energy. I have a serotonin imbalance which is undetectable.

Hi I think I have the but the doctors keep saying its sdins tachycardia . but iu don't think it is if m resdting pulse rate was 217 bpm sat in a deckchair. Any help

Thanks Megan

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