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So grateful!

Hi, I am also new to this forum but I wish I had known about it 3 years ago when I had my first SVT! For the first 18 months my consultant had me taking Bisoprolol which apparently did nothing at all to help me as I was in and out of A & E so many times, I should have had my own bed! I had an ablation on one side of my heart but the consultant said I had more arrhythmias on the other side which would need an operation where they punch through the heart. My cousin has the same condition and had this done but said it was pretty painful after he woke up so I have opted out of that one.

It was in fact the A & E staff who finally sorted me out. On my last visit to them 18 months ago they changed my medication to Amiodarone which apparently has been around for years but you have to have regular blood tests as it can affect the liver. I am pleased to say I have not had an attack in the last 18 months! So far my liver is fine but the last thing my consultant said to me was that if the liver was affected and the medication changed, no lasting damage would be done. I feel so well in myself now and I am really grateful for the A & E staff at West Middlesex Hospital.

I hope this is a good news story that will give some of you having a hard time that something can be done, its just finding the right course for the individual.

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Really pleased you have found a treatment which suits you. Excellent news. Thank you for sharing. Be well.


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