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Irregular heartbeat


I’m 18, and for the last 6 months my heart rhythm has been irregular, for example for 4 seconds my heart rhythm gets irregular, and uncoordinated that I don’t even know what’s happening to my heart, it’s hard to explain that feeling, it’s like my rhythm lost focus and it’s pace. For most of my teenage life I have been suffering from tachycardia but not this. I had multiple test dose like ekg, holter monitor, and echo, but nothing was picked up, all my test were normal. These irregular rhythm really scare me, I get anxiety thinking it’s arterial fibrillation, my Cardi says it’s unlikely since I’m only 18 with an healthy heart, but I still feel like This problem is going to turn into a big one. Has anyone else has this irregular strong heart rhythm? I also had many skipped heart beats but they were not like this, I never experienced this before, which is why it’s freaking me out.

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I can understand your anxiety having had tests for your cardiologist to tell you your heart is healthy, yet still experience arrhythmia! Are there any other tests planned for you?

Nope, that’s all🙁

Please it will b too much for me to write again same thing please if you wish read all my older posts you will find some clues..then anything else after reading you may txt back

I used to get the same thing, I wouldn't really call it irregular as such. It's more just your getting a few ectopics in a row, ....thus making it feel irregular. If it was irregularly irregular it would be beating with different times between each beat.

I know this isn't something you want to here and it's will probably not happen for you , but I used to get this and it progressed into supraventricular tachycardia. Don't worry about but keep and eye on if .

Good luck

Ectopics in a row with normal heart rate or fast heart rate?

Faster , not super fast but maybe 120ish? Hard to tell because it's irregular


Mine was with normal heart rate around 80bpm

Hi T,

It is clear that you are very anxious about this but also that your doctor says you are fine. I am 53 and have been suffering from tachycardia (successfully ablated in 1996) and also atrial ectopics since I was 14. In short I get lots of missed beats, on a holter measure often 1000s per day, sometimes they come together like, it seems, as you describe.

My advice:

1) can you exercise? Is it better or worse with exercise? If you can exercise without too much problem you are fine. If not go back to the doctor and find out why. Exercise makes me feel much better.

2) Find a pill that helps: I use verapamil which is good but there are many others which might suit you better.

3) Tune out. I do this and feel much better. You must accept that you are ok, this is just how you are, and get on with life. You can do this, I do, after originally suffering with anxiety like you. I am no longer anxious, in fact I rarely think about it, and just get on with life. This is the best medicine and surprisingly empowering. Train yourself to do this. You actually can.

4) If it is really bad ask about an ablation, do not rush into this as it may not work and could, potentially, make things worse. My second one for ectopics failed.

5) Above all relax and do not focus on this. Palpitations happen, they've been happening to me for 40 years and, in truth, I feel fine. It’s just how you are/I am.

Good luck my friend. You only have one life so don’t waste it worrying about stuff you can’t change. Angst makes everything worse too.


Hi Twilight, so iv had an erratic heart beat since i was little, just thought it was normal, but then went through 2 ops to get it under control in the past 2 years, but now this last year iv been left with irregular heart beat, iv got a loop recorder monitor in my chest and when i send off my recordings the technician (not the docs) tell me im ok, its something iv got to live with, im not happy about it but my main doc in london hasnt answered my multiple calls to his secretary, so im assuming its nothing to worry about.

What i find helps stop it being irregular(cos it mainly happens when my heart beat is at resting around 52 - 55 bpm (i bought a heart rate monitor watch to wear daily to keep a track of my heart rate)) is to drink ice cold water, sleep on my back or right hand side and not to drink high content alcohol and energy drinks.

Sorry a lot of info but I hope this helps.

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