Anyone here on veramapril and if so how do you get on with it? Been on bisoporol which didn't work, Ivbradine which I had a reaction to, now changed to Veramapril. Only 3 days in but keep getting severe squeezing sensation in heart region and constant palpitations, doesn't seem to have slowed heartbeat much but I know is early days. Not sure if I should contact GP or sit tight?

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  • Hi, I'm on Verapamil - not sure if that's what you mean - I get on really well with it. I very rarely get breakthrough episodes. I've been on it about 7 years now but it did take a while to get the dosage right. I take it the same time every day (after food) & I completely avoid alcohol (tho it says you can have it, I can't tolerate it). I have SVT by the way! We're all different, only you know how bad you feel, if it's not working go back to the GP. Good luck!

  • I was on verapamil for quite a long time and it suited me very well. I am told it is a more old fashioned channel blocker but it definitely kept my heart regular between my ablation procedures. I am now on flecinide as a maintenance as I still get some paroxamol beats. Hope you soon feel better.

  • Is it Veramipril or Ramipril ?

  • Sorry it's called Verapamil.

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