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heart in throat

hello I had ablation done last yr for paf , now have had a 24hr monitor results which they say looks like svt , I have had 1 2min run of fast heart then while on monitor it felt like my heart got stuck and didn't know what to do ,then it went back to normal , nurses reckon its svt ,and it was a big etopic beat or long ? I have a constant feeling like my heart has grown and trying to push it way up my throat like a choking feeling , does anyone else experience this as I would like to relive symptoms . iam on 2.5 of bisoprolol and 50 mg of flec in morning and 1.25 bisop and 50 mg in eve , I have been told to try increase flec but it may not reliev symptoms , any advice would be realy grateful thankyou

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Hi I am certainly no expert and fairly new to this but yes I get that feeling so much! Wow it's a relief in a way to hear it's not me, it's really hard to describe it isn't it. That's what I say to my husband....that it feels like it goes right up to mt throat! I have either inappropriate sinus tachycardia, or atrial tachycardia, EP not sure which yet. I get this feeling when I feel my heart skipping beats. Am waiting for a 7day monitor but the wait is 4 months!!


Hi. If you have the resources or private insurance I'd strongly suggest going private, I did and was fitted with a zio patch which monitors for 14 days.

It was done there and then (I can't believe they are making you wait 4 months), the output confirmed SVT and I have an EPS next month to hopefully ablate. Good luck.


If it's any consolation, I experience the exact same thing! I feel as though my heart is actually trying to escape via my Trachea & pop out of my mouth! Explaining that to somebody that has never experienced the sensation before does seem dramatic & slightly crazy.. but it is what it is & that's how it feels! The pressure feeling is intense & quite scary, so I understand your concern.

I have Ventricular Tachycardia with Broad Complex Tachycardia, diagnosed almost 5 years ago & no explanation of I how I developed this at my age. I am 48.

I have never been given an explanation for the 'heart in throat' symptoms & have just been told by my Cardiologist that 'it's part of the condition' - not enough information for me I'm afraid! There has to be a reason why this happens.. my own thought is that if I have a short burst of Tachycardia & then it stops suddenly, that's when I get the 'heart in throat' feeling. I may be totally wrong but seemed logical to me. I don't experience the feeling 'constantly' though.

I also wouldn't increase the Flecainide without hospital supervision or close monitoring. Unless they can give you a detailed explanation of why this is happening, then they shouldn't be asking you to increase your meds. This is complex heart medication & not Paracetamol! I too am taking Flecainide, as this is the only heart medication I can have due to my Asthma! I am still symptomatic myself & was recently asked to increase my Flecainide but I declined the offer! I really don't tolerate the side effects very well & don't want to turn into a Zombie! I will soldier on as I am.

If I were you, I would ask to be seen by your Cardiologist again. Either via your GP or telephone your Cardiologist's Secretary & explain that you are concerned about some symptoms you've been having & would like to be seen.

Let me know how you get on...

Debs <3


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