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Endless palpitations

Endless palpitations

Hi Everyone

I haven’t posted on here before but brief history is I have some SVT,sinus tachycardia, ectopics and palpitations. This has all been picked up on ECG’s 2 years ago. I am a female aged just 50!

My palpitations have been getting increasingly worse and the Bisoprolol 1.25mg doesn’t do much.

Today I felt unwell and very bad heart symptoms. I tried to walk the dog but felt weak and sweaty. I then started feeling dizzy and breathless. This has continued all day so am now lying down. I had some yoghurt as I thought I might have low blood sugar but felt very sick after.

I have tried to post a couple of my heart readings today but I never know how accurate these apps are on my phone.

I would describe my heart today as feeling like a slab of meat in my chest and not sitting comfortably and I’m so tired of these symptoms.

Can anyone suggest what might be wrong?

Thanks so much. (The top line is my reading)

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To be blunt if you feel like that and you don’t know what is going on with your heart - I think you should consult a doctor as a matter of urgency not try and self diagnose on a forum on the internet.

Take care you have one heart, one life xx


Thank you Happyjo. I know what you’re saying but I hate bothering medics if it wasn’t necessary. They do such an amazing service and I would hate to waste their time. I know what your saying. Just out of interest did you see my reading which is the top one of 3 lines. My photo only seems to show the bottom two lines which are always on the app! Thank you.


Hello Elsa...sorry to hear that you are having such troubling symptoms.

We are not medically qualified on this forum ad you are probably aware. I can only say what I would do in your position and that is phone 111 for advice.

I have a Kardia device to record my heart and I have seen some , to me rather odd looking traces. When I have sent these for analysis they have, by and large come back as normal even though I certainly did not feel normal at the time.

Do let us know how you get on and make that phone call!



Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. My reading was the top line of 3 so my photo only showed the 2 bottom standard lines. My reading almost shows my heart flat lining! My GP is on red alert to refer me back to cardiology so I will make that step tomorrow. Hopefully nothing serious but may need different drugs. I can’t believe a heart should feel this bad and so continuously! Thank you.

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Ok read up in the differing symptoms for heart attacks for women and then call someone - I’ve had heart arrthymia, heart pauses and aystole shown on a monitor whilst I was still standing arguing with the nurse about getting back on the bed (I thought a lead was loose but as she she said later but it was from 3 leads) but when I woke in the night with violent nausea and cold sweats I called an ambulance - luckily not an MI but they blue lighted me in and gave me atropin en route - we do not know there are tests to be done before anyone decides what is amiss. I hope nothing is wrong and that might well be the case but you should treat your heart health as a priority.



Thank you Happyjo,and for all your time on this. I always think it’s nothing serious and hate bothering medics and family. I do feel quite isolated with it all and just don’t feel well. I will ring the doctor first thing tomorrow as I am worried. Thank you once again. Xx


Morning Elsa, I know that feeling of not wanting to bother people but sometimes you have to.. take care x


Every time I’ve felt silly going to the ED or calling an ambulance...EVERYONE reassured me that no matter what it’s best to be checked.

With your symptoms I would have gone straight to the ED


I too have SVT and each time I have an attack I’m told 999 after 30 minutes,had one last Tuesday,was taken straight to Resus blues and twos,told not to wait any longer.. good luck


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